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Counsellors Virginia Water Surrey (GU25): The ever increasing stresses and strains of day to day life can easily take their toll on folks living in Virginia Water, and now and then we might need some help to get by. At times we need help to handle ongoing issues and sometimes an unsettling incident or situation will push us over the edge between managing and not managing. Virginia Water counsellors area ready and willing to make sense of it all when it seems we can no longer cope with a situation.

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Based on what they have learned as a result of discussions with the patient, a trained counsellor will give viewpoints, advice and ideas to help with any issues. In fact, you might look at your counsellor as a sort of life guide.

Counselling Virginia Water (GU25)

Life changing events, say for example the passing of someone in your family, being witness to a distressing event, abuse, relationship problems or a bout of depression are simply a handful of the reasons why folks need the services of a proficient counsellor in Virginia Water, and being able to express and speak about ones thoughts and feelings with somebody not involved in your everyday life in a confidential way is really beneficial.

The type of treatment that is appropriate and the best way to proceed will be established during initial consultations with a counsellor in Virginia Water. This will enable the therapist to get to know you a little, and get an understanding of what's really stressing you out. You should anticipate making several appointments to set you on the road to recovery, because a number of counselling sessions will be needed to get to the root cause the problem.

Some of the most most familiar mental problems which trouble considerable numbers of individuals from all areas of life in Virginia Water, including anger issues, depression, stress, bad habits and confidence, can also be alleviated by counselling and psychotherapy.

Counsellors Virginia Water (01344)

Finding a way through difficulties and concerns is tough on your own, and talking to a trained counsellor can definitely help. A counsellor does not give advice, but instead helps a person realise their own options to progress in solving their own problems.

Trust between the patient and their counsellor is extremely important and the confidentiality agreement between the two is strictly adhered to. The trust that evolves as time passes will quite often allow the client to speak about subjects which they would not have even discussed with those that are close to them.

These days counsellors in Virginia Water are often asked to help with the issue of panic attacks, and this is becoming more and more common. The current research says that between 1% and 2% of the population have at least 4 separate episodes in any four-week period. Plus, a further 10% have sporadic attacks which are so severe that they need to seek assistance from their GP or therapist.

To put this into perspective, if you look around any bustling restaurant or shop, at least one of the people that you see will be frequently suffering from some type of panic attack, or moment of heightened awareness, as they are sometimes called. It's therefore very clear that you are by no means alone in this if you are currently suffering from panic attacks. So, exactly what should be done about this?

Just a handful of the factors that may help control panic attacks are highlighted below:

  • Tea contains about half as much caffeine as coffee, therefore don't drink large amounts of tea, believing this is better.
  • The benefits of relaxation techniques such as yoga are broadly documented, and many panic attack sufferers say these have helped them.
  • Avoid consuming too much sugar and coffee.
  • It's crucial to understand your own personal anxiety triggers. A panic attack can even be brought on by continually worrying about having one.
  • The likelihood of panic attacks can be increased by the consumption of some food colourings.
  • Figure out which foodstuffs are triggering attacks by keeping a diary of the foods that you eat.

It is important to understand the causes and triggers of your attacks, and doing so may possibly give you some power over the sensations that precede your attacks. You are able to get a better self-understanding and self-knowledge by means of counselling, and when it comes to dealing with panic attacks or moments of heightened awareness, these are very powerful tools.

Counsellor Virginia Water Surrey (GU25)

An established counsellor in Virginia Water will be able to assist people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds and assist with a broad spectrum of problematic issues that they may be encountering.

Do You Need a Psychotherapist and a Counsellor?

You'll fairly likely come across some individuals in Virginia Water who call themselves counsellors and some who call themselves psychotherapists, when you are seeking help for one of the problems we have mentioned - so what is the difference? Well, in general, the dividing line between these two skills is somewhat blurred, but, to put it simply, counsellors will usually focus on the here and now of your current problems while a psychotherapist will drill down more deeply into past happenings and the possible explanations why such problems have developed.

For matters like bereavement, a counsellor is the professional to help, while for problems like depression or abuse a psychotherapist in Virginia Water could be a better choice.

Counselling Enquiries Virginia Water (01344)

Counselling is obviously open to everyone, and whether you are living in Virginia Water itself, or one of the nearby villages and towns like Sunningdale, Mimbridge, Thorpe Green, Sunninghill, Longcross, Stonehill, Chertsey, Englefield Green, Stroude, Bagshot, Trumps Green, Cheapside, Thorpe, Egham, you'll still be able to take advantage of these important services. Local Virginia Water counsellors will most likely have the telephone code 01344 and the postcode GU25

Bereavement Counselling Virginia Water

Bereavement Counselling Virginia Water (01344)

Losing someone close can affect people in numerous different ways, some individuals can overcome bereavement, while other folks it difficult to bear. Talking about your feelings with somebody else as opposed to bottling them up inside is one of the most important things you can do.

There are normally believed to be 4 phases of bereavement; accepting your loss, feeling the anguish of grief, adjusting to life without your loved one in it, and finally, moving on. You must deal with each one of these as they arise, and realising which phase you're currently at should help you to move from one stage to the next. Though you will have heard it frequently throughout your lifetime, time heals all, and as time passes most of the painful feelings will pass. If you need someone to chat with because you are currently struggling with bereavement, a fully trained Virginia Water bereavement counsellor will certainly be able to help you to overcome the worst moments, and move forward with your life.

Stress Management Virginia Water

In recent times, the unfortunate effect that stress has on companies, employees and individuals, has come to the fore. Employers in Virginia Water need to make sure that they've got adequate measures in place to recognise, reduce and manage the issues connected with stress. Yet, when you delve right down into it, how many companies actually do take a proactive stance when it comes to stress prevention?

With one in six employees in Virginia Water struggling with stress and those selfsame people under-performing in the workplace by over 30%, it's no surprise that at some point we're affected by one of the many medical problems that are linked to stress. The most current statistics indicate that in the UK alone, 12.5 million days each year are lost to stress, which is roughly the same as each stress sufferer taking on average 30 days sick leave per annum.

Stress Management Virginia Water (GU25)

Both at work and on a personal basis, it can often be difficult to ascertain what causes us stress without specialist help from a counsellor. The reasons why particular symptoms are being experienced by staff members, and what has triggered them, may not be immediately clear to an employer. Work related stress is extremely common, and there are a number of different reasons why workers feel under pressure and stressed in those environments. We've discovered that unattainable deadlines, role changes, taking work home, heavy workloads and prolonged working hours, are the main causes of stress in the workplace.

The more typical symptoms of stress to be familiar with include panic attacks, anxiety, low esteem or self-confidence, fatigue, mood swings and recurring headaches. Likewise, having an irregular sleeping pattern can also indicate that you may have too much to contend with. Pay close attention to any apparent patterns that are appearing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and try to figure out what has been causing these problems.

Once you have identified the root causes, you can gradually begin to implement successful solutions, but don't endeavour to fix all of the issues immediately, because this will only put you under increased pressure. Remember to get expert advice if the issues cannot be remedied by you alone. Always be proactive with stress.

In workplaces, implementing positive techniques, for instance stress management workshops or coaching can be key in improving the general wellbeing of personnel. By applying these policies, Virginia Water employers will soon notice changes like higher morale, enhanced staff retention, increased productivity and lower absenteeism. Overall, employers should certainly save money in the long term by recognising and dealing with these issues.

As an individual in Virginia Water, getting a handle on what causes you to get stressed, is the first thing on the agenda. Stress can be the result of several stressful circumstances that may occur over a period of time, or it can be caused by a solitary situation. For a lot of folks in Virginia Water, it can be literally "the straw that broke the camel's back".

When it comes to dealing with your own stress, the best idea is to keep a detailed "Stress Diary" in which to list your difficult times. This should help you in spotting any particular patterns that may emerge and as a consequence, the identification of issues will be easier and you can then start to work on the primary problems, individually.

To keep a Stress Diary, simply jot down every single stressful event over the next couple of weeks in diary format with a brief explanation of what caused the rise in your stress levels. Then, score each specific event on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the highest. If any clear patterns emerge, you can take a deeper look into what may be the main reason behind the issues. Please don't attempt to solve all of your problems at once, deal with them in bite-sized chunks and get some qualified help with resolving the issues.

Diet and nutrition are other factors that have an impact on your stress and wellbeing. Evaluating what you drink and eat can help to ensure that your body is getting the proper nutritional balance. Having an exercise plan is also a great way to boost your overall fitness. Taking regular breaks from work to enjoy a bit of fresh air is crucial, as this helps you to remain focused right through the day.

Most importantly, you must not allow the troubles that you're stressing over grow to a stage where you are no longer able to cope. If identified early enough, many cases of stress related complaints can be avoided, thereby resulting in more time feeling fitter and healthier and less time away from work.

Marriage Counselling Virginia Water

Marriage Counselling Virginia Water UK

With a family being the cornerstone of society, it goes without saying that having happy families families makes for a healthy and robust society overall. With a bit of help from marriage counselling in Virginia Water, married couples can build a stable and long-lasting connection that will stand the test of time. Relationship issues are frequently because of poor communication.

Marriage counsellors in Virginia Water can help in the reconciliation of their differences. Marriage counselling is a kind of psychotherapy that's available to married couples in order to find solutions to their marital issues. One short counselling session can sometimes be sufficient to resolve most marital problems, although some more serious issues might require prolonged therapy. (Tags: Relationship Counselling Virginia Water, Couples Counselling Virginia Water, Marriage Counselling Virginia Water)

Online Counselling

Online Counselling Virginia Water

Telephone and online counselling plays a crucial part in the mental health for those people in Virginia Water not able to attend face to face sessions with a counsellor. Because of the problems caused by Covid-19 and restrictions, remote consultations have become even more important than before.

Any counselling therapy session in Virginia Water must take place in a welcoming, safe and secure setting, and remote sessions are no different. Counselling sessions given on the internet will use an exclusive end-to-end data link that's encrypted and secure. This encryption layer means that no person outside the one-on-one link can hack their way into an ongoing discussion or divert or record it. Telephone counselling consultations during a session are also secured due to the privacy laws applicable to telephone and mobile companies, and the design of the communications network.

Telephone and Online counselling is no different from a head to head appointment, and is a useful way for having therapeutic treatment, and ensuring your feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and other concerns, are voiced without any judgement by your counsellor.

A Counsellors's Regular Tasks

  • Helping patients re-evaluate problems to help them in making positive changes
  • Liaising with others (when necessary) to help make changes happen
  • Setting up a contract to confirm what is going to be covered during the sessions
  • Referring patients to other therapies
  • Recognising mental health problems such as eating disorders, depression, PTSD, bipolar dysfunctions and anxiety
  • Building non-judgemental relationships of trust and respect
  • Laying out any confidentiality concerns and maintaining records
  • Helping with significant life events such as bereavement, divorce, separation, family planning and retirement
  • Asking questions, listening carefully and confirming your understanding
  • Having empathy but challenging when appropriate
  • Helping clients to see things more clearly or in an alternative way

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Counselling Books

If you wish to do a little research into counselling practices there are a whole host of books that you can read on this subject. Here are are just some of those that are now available: Next Steps in Counselling Practice by Alan Frankland, Working at Relational Depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy, A Way of Being by Carl Rogers, Doing Counselling Research, First Steps in Counselling by Pete Sanders, Psychodynamic Counselling in Action, Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy by Gerald Corey.

The Skills and Knowledge Needed to be a Counsellor

  • They should have understanding and sensitivity
  • They require a comprehensive knowledge of psychology and psychotherapy
  • They should be able to use a PC and the essential software competently
  • They should be able to welcome constructive criticism and work well under pressure
  • They must have a strong ethical code and keep sessions with their patients confidential
  • They must have a non-judgemental approach to their patients
  • They should have good person-to-person skills
  • They need patience and the ability to remain calm in tense situations
  • They should have acute listening skills
  • They need to have the ability to resolve trouble as it arises
  • They need to have excellent verbal communication skills
  • They must be able to understand a patient's reactions, both positive and negative

A Career in Counselling

If you're interested in counselling as an occupation you can get loads of handy information on the government endorsed National Careers website. You will be able to learn about the talents required to be a counsellor, the typical working hours for a counsellor, the professional bodies associated with counselling, the best way to start a counselling career, the expected salary of a counsellor, the qualifications needed to be a counsellor, the daily tasks of a counsellor and the currently available counselling courses.

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Virginia Water counsellors will likely help with domestic abuse counselling, integrative therapy, youth counselling Virginia Water, self-harm counselling, counselling for work problems, marriage counselling, depression therapies, person centred counselling, bereavement counselling, counselling for post-natal depression, panic attack counselling, supervision services, free counselling Virginia Water, person centred therapy in Virginia Water, low-cost counselling in Virginia Water, low self-confidence counselling, cognitive therapy, existential counselling, OCD counselling, guidance and counselling, psychoanalytical counselling in Virginia Water, rational emotive behaviour therapy Virginia Water, group counselling in Virginia Water, cognitive behaviour counselling, medical counselling in Virginia Water, online counselling, spiritual counselling, trauma counselling, behavioural therapies Virginia Water, relationship counselling in Virginia Water, acceptance and commitment therapy in Virginia Water and other types of counselling in Virginia Water, Surrey.

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