About Us

Greetings, and I welcome you to my website. My name's Jeffrey Miller and I began building and designing websites around 11 years ago. In reality I am really a cabinetmaker by trade, therefore the move to creating websites was rather drastic, but I fell into it very easily and now it simply is "what I do". In truth I find it a fascinating challenge, coming up with concepts and applying them, in certain cases hoping to earn a bit of cash from it and oftentimes merely doing it just for fun. This particular site is a bit of both.

It's consistently been my objective to build easy to use, simple sites which are hassle free and quick to load. With luck I've accomplished that with this website and that you've enjoyed checking it out, or at the very least not have been irritated by it.

I am not actually a counsellor myself therefore please do not contact me with enquiries associated with counselling or to book counselling sessions, this site is designed to tell you about some of the alternative ways to discover a good counsellor yourself.

I don't endorse or recommend any individual service, I have simply suggested a few methods of finding one, the choice is in the end down to you.

Many thanks again for visiting and it would be nice to see you here again sometime soon. Jeffrey Miller - Counsellingo UK