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Counsellors Cobham Surrey (KT11): The ever increasing strains and stresses of day to day life can take their toll on the people of Cobham, and once in a while we might need a bit of help to get by. Occasionally we need help to deal with repeated issues and at times a traumatic occurrence or incident will thrust us over the edge between coping and not coping. Cobham counsellors are the people who can take the strain when it seems we are no longer able to cope mentally with a situation.

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Through discussions with the client, a professional counsellor will give guidance, direction and opinions in accordance with the information they've gleaned. In fact, a counsellor may almost be looked upon as a guide.

Counselling Cobham (KT11)

We're all affected by changes in our lives and are not able to predict events like a bout of depression, experiencing a traumatic occurrence, a relationship break-down, physical or mental abuse or the passing away of a friend or family member. Having a trained Cobham counsellor handy to help you handle such predicaments is a blessing which you'll appreciate soon enough. When you are speaking with a person who isn't part of your day to day life it can be less difficult to unburden yourself and express your feelings and and doing this might be the first step on your road to recovery.

There are a considerable number of counselling treatments at your disposal in Cobham, Surrey and an initial appointment will talk about how best to go forward in the most encouraging way to help the individual. The amount of sessions would depend on each individual, but consistent interaction with the counsellor is desirable with weekly scheduled appointments being most typical.

Several of the most most common mental ailments which are experienced by significant numbers of individuals from all parts of society in Cobham, for instance bad habits, depression, anxiety, anger issues and lack of confidence, can also be helped through psychotherapy and counselling.

Counsellors Cobham (01932)

Whenever you're battling with with challenges and concerns, speaking with a trained counsellor can be a good way of dealing with them. Counsellors don't generally offer advice per se, but will rather help their clients to arrive at their own life decisions and come to terms with their issues.

It is crucial that there is a decent level of trust between the counsellor and their client and there will always need to be a confidentiality agreement that is rigidly observed by the counsellor. This build up of trust also makes it possible for a counsellor's patients to discuss the subjects of concern that they will certainly find tricky to share with friends and family.

Counsellor Cobham Surrey (KT11)

A trained counsellor in Cobham has the ability to help people from an extensive range of backgrounds and cultures and help with a broad spectrum of challenging issues that they may be confronting.

Counsellor vs Psychotherapist

You will fairly likely run into some people in Cobham who refer to themselves as psychotherapists and some who call themselves counsellors, when you're seeking help for one of the problems we've mentioned - so what is the difference between the two? Well, in general, the dividing line between these two professions is sort of hazy, but counsellors will normally focus on the current causes of your problems while a psychotherapist will burrow much deeper into what has happened in the past and the likely explanations for why such problems have occurred.

For things such as bereavement, a counsellor is the person seek out, while for problems like depression or abuse a psychotherapist in Cobham may be the preferred choice.

Counselling Enquiries Cobham (01932)

Counselling and psychotherapy is of course accessible to anybody, and regardless of whether you are living in Cobham itself, or one of the surrounding villages and towns such as Claygate, Effingham Junction, Walton-on-Thames, North Claygate, Thames Ditton, Esher, Oxshott, Leatherhead, Wisley, Hook, Downside, Leigh Corner, Stoke D\'Abernon, Fetcham, Fairmile, you will still be able to benefit from these vital services. Locally based Cobham counsellors will probably have the postcode KT11 and the telephone code 01932

Bereavement Counselling Cobham

Bereavement Counselling Cobham (01932)

Losing a loved one can impact on people in lots of different ways, some people can overcome bereavement, while others find it very difficult. Talking about your feelings with others rather than bottling them up inside is one of the most important things that you can do.

There are generally believed to be four phases of bereavement; coming to terms with your loss, feeling the anguish of grief, facing life without your loved one in it, and ultimately, moving on. You must face each of these as they appear, and realising which stage you are at may help you to transition from one phase to the next. Although you will have heard it frequently in the past, time heals all wounds, and as time goes by a lot of the painful thoughts will pass. When you are struggling with bereavement and need someone to talk to, a qualified Cobham bereavement counsellor should be able to help you to make it through the difficult times.

Online Counselling

Online Counselling Cobham

There are many reasons why a patient in Cobham might not be able to attend a one on one counselling session with a therapist, and thus online counselling offers those people an opportunity for getting therapy. With the problems triggered by Coronavirus restrictions, remote counselling is becoming increasingly more important.

Any counselling session in Cobham must happen in a secure, safe and welcoming environment, and remotely held sessions are no different. Consultations given online will use a proprietary user to user data link that's encrypted and secure. This layer of encryption means that no person outside of the one-on-one link can hack their way into an ongoing discussion or record or divert it. Telephone sessions are also secure because of the inbuilt communication structure and the laws which apply to the telephone organisations.

There is hardly any difference between online or telephone consultations and a one-on-one consultation; both of them offer a beneficial treatment solution which means that anybody can express their problems and feelings of depression, stress, anxiety without prejudice.

Marriage Counselling Cobham

Marriage Counselling Cobham UK

With a family being the foundation of society, it goes without saying that having happy and fully functional families makes for a healthy and robust society overall. Sometimes a married couple in Cobham need a little bit of help, and marriage counselling can help in building a secure and stable partnership between them. A lot of problems with relationships are the result of poor, or a lack of communication.

By diagnosing such problems, marriage counsellors can assist in the reconciliation of a couples disagreements and differences. Helping to straighten out their marital problems, marriage counselling is a kind of psychotherapy that's available to married couples in Cobham. Most marital problems can be remedied in one short counselling session, while others may take longer.

Managing Stress

We've become increasingly more conscious of the negative impact that stress can have on companies, individuals and employees, especially over the past year or so. It is vital for business owners in Cobham to make sure that they put in place adequate measures for recognising, reducing and controlling stress and its associated problems. But how many businesses have a hands-on approach to stress prevention?

With around 1 in 6 workers in Cobham battling with stress and those selfsame people under-performing at work by more than thirty percent, it is hardly surprising that at some point we develop one of the numerous medical problems that are associated with stress. The latest data indicate that an average of thirty days of sick leave per year are taken by every stress sufferer in the United Kingdom, and that 12.5 million work days are lost annually to stress alone.

Stress Management Cobham (KT11)

Without the specialist help of a psychotherapist or counsellor, identifying what causes us stress, both in the workplace and on a personal basis, can often be challenging. Employers may not appreciate what the contributory factors are and why specific symptoms are being experienced by their workers. There can be various different reasons why staff feel under pressure and stressed, and problems are frequently connected with stress at work. We've observed that harassment, unachievable deadlines, high workloads, working long hours and job insecurity, are the main reasons for stress in the workplace.

Typical symptoms of stress are frequent headaches, mood swings, exhaustion, panic attacks, lack of confidence or self-esteem and anxiety. Another indication that you might have too much to contend with is having an irregular sleep pattern. So as to discover what could be causing such problems, it's a good idea to closely monitor any daily, weekly or monthly trends.

As soon as the root causes have been successfully identified, you can steadily implement suitable solutions, however you must take it slowly, as attempting to fix every problem in one go will just create additional pressure that won't be helpful. You have to be preemptive towards stress, and get expert advice from a counsellor in Cobham, if the problems can't be solved by you alone.

In relation to stress in the workplace, taking steps to introduce proactive techniques like stress management workshops or coaching can be a key factor in promoting an overall feeling of wellbeing among the workforce. Cobham businesses will certainly notice changes by applying these policies, and will soon see reduced absenteeism, higher staff morale, an increase in productivity and enhanced staff retention. Considering all these issues, businesses should invariably save money in the long term, which in this economic situation must be great news.

As an individual in Cobham, getting a handle on what causes you to get stressed, is the first thing on the agenda. Stress can be the result of several stressful circumstances that may occur over several months, or it can be caused by a once only situation. For a lot of people in Cobham, it can literally be "the straw that broke the camel's back".

When difficult moments occur in your own life, it is useful to have a detailed "Stress Diary" in which you can list them. If any specific trends emerge, this will help you to recognise them, and the identification of issues will become a lot easier.

Anytime you feel in a state of stress you should write the occurrences down in your Stress Diary for a period of at least 14 days, taking particular note of what may have caused the level of stress to rise. You can then score each specific event on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most stressful. You can take a deeper look into what may be the main cause of the problems, if any obvious patterns emerge. Never take on all of your stress issues in one go, split them up into manageable bite-sized pieces and address them one by one. If you are finding it hard, seek out some professional help with your problems.

Your stress and wellbeing can also be impacted by other aspects, such as nutrition, your diet and other life choices. To ensure that your body is getting the correct dietary balance and that you have an exercise plan in place, it is always worth reviewing the things that you drink and eat. Taking a regular break from work to get some fresh air is vital, since this helps you to remain focused and alert throughout the day.

Most importantly, you must never let the problems that you're stressing over build up to a stage where you are no longer able to cope. Although stress related illness is constantly on the increase, if it is recognised in the initial phases, it can be stamped out before it has a negative effect on your personal and work life. (Tags: Manage Stree Cobham, Stress Management Cobham, Managing Stress Cobham, Managing Work Stress Cobham).

Counselling Services in Cobham

Cobham counsellors will likely help with career coaching, relate counselling, free counselling, mindfulness therapy, group counselling in Cobham, cognitive analytical therapy Cobham, depression counselling, psychoanalytical counselling, psychodynamic counselling Cobham, psychotherapy Cobham, rehabilitation counselling, rational emotive behaviour therapy, child & teenager counselling, behavioural therapies, low self-confidence counselling, integrative therapy in Cobham, dynamic interpersonal therapy, debt counselling, domestic abuse counselling in Cobham, family counselling in Cobham, DBT-informed therapy, grief counselling, depression therapies in Cobham, obsessive compulsive disorder counselling, couples counselling, person centred counselling in Cobham, youth counselling, marriage counselling, Jungian therapy in Cobham, career counselling, self-harm counselling Cobham and other types of counselling in Cobham, Surrey.

A Counsellors's Regular Tasks

  • Addressing mental health problems like eating disorders, bipolar dysfunctions, PTSD, anxiety and depression
  • Helping patients re-evaluate issues to help them in making positive changes
  • Liaising with others (when necessary) to help any changes happen
  • Asking questions, listening attentively and confirming your understanding
  • Laying out any confidentiality concerns and keeping records
  • Empathising but challenging when necessary
  • Referring patients to other therapies when appropriate
  • Implementing a contract to establish what will be covered in the sessions
  • Helping clients to see things more plainly or in a different way
  • Establishing prejudice-free relationships of trust and respect
  • Helping with major life events like divorce, retirement, bereavement, separation and family planning

A Career in Counselling

If you're considering counselling as an occupation you'll find a host of of invaluable information by visiting the National Careers website. You can learn about the skills needed to be a good counsellor, the qualifications required to be a counsellor, the usual working hours for a counsellor, the best ways to start a counselling career, the counselling courses which are presently available, the professional bodies associated with counselling, the normal salary of a counsellor and the daily tasks of a counsellor.

Necessary Skills to be Counsellors

  • They must be able to work with a computer and the appropriate software efficiently
  • They need to have an open mind and be tolerant of different situations and people
  • They should have good person-to-person skills
  • They need to have sensitivity and understanding
  • They need an in depth knowledge of psychology
  • They need to have active listening skills
  • They must be able to understand the reactions of their clients
  • They should have a non-judgemental approach to their patients
  • They need patience and the ability to stay calm in tense situations
  • They need to have outstanding verbal communication skills
  • They must be able to embrace constructive criticism and work effectively under pressure
  • They must have compassion and a deep desire to help others
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