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Counsellors Great Bookham Surrey (KT23): Not many people in Great Bookham would argue that everyday life can be exceptionally stressful, especially in these worrying times. With running a home, personal relationships and busy working schedules to deal with, it can all become a bit of a strain. Fortunately, when it all gets a bit too much, there is help at hand in the shape of a local counselling service. Simply chatting with someone about your issues, can often be enough to ease the strain.

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Based upon what they've learned as a result of discussions with the client, an experienced counsellor will offer advice, viewpoints and ideas to help with any issues. In fact, you could look at your counsellor as a life guide.

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Life changing incidents, for instance experiencing a shocking occurrence, a death in the family, a bout of depression, abuse or a relationship breakdown are simply a few of the reasons why people need the services of a skilled counsellor in Great Bookham, just being able to express and speak about ones feelings with someone who is not involved in your personal life in a confidential manner is extremely beneficial.

There are a broad range of counselling treatments at your disposal in Great Bookham, Surrey and an initial visit will chat about how best to go forward in the most considerate way so as to aid the individual. The number of sessions depends on each individuals needs, but regular interaction with the counsellor is required with weekly appointments being some of the most common.

Some of the most common mental problems for example confidence, anger issues, depression, bad habits and anxiety, which cause problems for considerable numbers of individuals from all areas of life in Great Bookham, can also be helped through counselling.

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Dealing with difficulties and concerns isn't easy on your own, and talking to a trained counsellor can certainly help. A counsellor won't give advice, but instead helps an individual realise their own course of action to solve their issues.

The agreement of confidentiality between counsellor and client is vital and there has to be a deep trust between the two. The building of trust also enables a counsellor's clients to speak about the topics of concern that they will probably find difficult to share with other people.

An ever more commonplace issue that counsellors in Great Bookham are asked to help with these days, is what are usually known as panic attacks. Between 1% and 2% of the population has at least 4 separate episodes during any one month period, according to current research. Moreover, a further 10 percent have intermittent attacks which are so serious that they seek the help of their GP or therapist.

This means that if you're in a bustling store or pub, you're pretty much guaranteed to be near to a person who suffers regularly from panic attacks, and this alone is a sobering thought. Subsequently, if you yourself suffer from panic attacks, it's quite clear that you are by no means alone. So, just what should be done about it?

The following list highlights several of the things that will help you to manage your panic attacks:

  • There is a fair amount of caffeine in tea, so don't drink too many cups.
  • The likelihood of panic attacks can be elevated by the consumption of some food colourings.
  • Realise your own personal anxiety triggers. The way in which you think about attacks can even be the cause of one.
  • Quite a few folks say they've benefited from learning relaxation techniques or doing yoga, and that seems to make sense.
  • Be mindful of the quantity of coffee and sugar you are consuming.
  • Foods that cause attacks and anxiety can be established by keeping a comprehensive food diary.

It is important to understand the causes and triggers of your panic attacks, and doing so may well give you some power over the sensations and thoughts that come before an episode. It is possible to get a better self-knowledge and self-understanding by means of counselling, and when it comes to combating panic attacks, these are powerful tools.

Counsellor Great Bookham Surrey (KT23)

Regardless of the background or culture of the patient, an expert Great Bookham counsellor will be able to help with a wide variety of complex issues and concerns.

Psychotherapist vs Counsellor

When you are trying to get help for any of the problems mentioned previously you will come across professionals in Great Bookham who call themselves counsellors and those who are known as psychotherapists, so precisely what is the difference between the two? While the dividing line between the 2 professions is somewhat blurry to put it mildly, the main difference is that psychotherapists will probe deep into your past to look for the reasons behind issues, while counsellors will concentrate on the here and now.

For issues like facing bereavement, a counsellor is the professional to talk to, while for problems such as abuse or depression a psychotherapist in Great Bookham might be better.

Counselling Enquiries Great Bookham (01372)

Counselling and psychotherapy is of course open to everyone, and whether you live in Great Bookham itself, or one of the neighbouring towns and villages such as Little Bookham, Ashtead, Ockham, Downside, Effingham, Fetcham, Martyr's Green, Mickleham, Pixham, Ripley, Wisley, East Clandon, Givons Grove, Headley, Ranmore Common, Stoke D'Abernon, Bridge End, Westhumble, West Horsley, East Horsley, you'll still be able to benefit from these vital services. Local Great Bookham counsellors will most likely have the telephone code 01372 and the postcode KT23

Why Might I Need Counselling?

You may be advised to obtain counselling in Great Bookham if you require relationship advice, want advice to plan your future life direction, would like to break an annoying habit, have issues with anger management, need assistance in recovering from a traumatic event, need hone your communication skills, are worried about depression or suicidal thoughts, need to build your esteem or self-confidence or need help with a loss.

Stress Management Great Bookham

We have become more and more aware of the detrimental impact that stress has on individuals, employees and companies, particularly over the past couple of years. Business owners in Great Bookham need to make certain that they have appropriate measures set up to recognise, reduce and manage the issues connected with stress. But with regards to stress prevention, how many employers do actually take a proactive stance?

It is hardly surprising that at some point we fall victim to one of the countless health conditions connected to stress, when you consider that around 1 in 6 workers in Great Bookham suffer from stress and those individuals under-perform at work by more than thirty percent. In the British Isles alone, the latest figures indicate that 12.5 million work days are lost every year to stress, which amounts to an average of thirty days of sick leave per year for each person suffering from stress.

Stress Management Great Bookham (KT23)

Without specialised help from a psychotherapist or counsellor, determining what causes us stress, both at work and at home, is usually tricky. Employers might not realise what the underlying factors are and why particular symptoms have manifested themselves in their workers. Work related stress is very common, and there are various different reasons why workers feel under pressure and stressed in those environments. The most frequently reported factors behind workplace stress right now are harassment, heavy workloads, job insecurity, prolonged working hours and unattainable deadlines.

Typical symptoms of stress are recurring headaches, panic attacks, mood swings, anxiety, tiredness and lack of self-esteem or confidence. Another signal that you might have too much to cope with is having an irregular sleeping pattern. In order to figure out what might be causing such issues, it is a good idea to recognise any daily, weekly or monthly patterns.

You can begin to gradually implement suitable solutions as soon as you've successfully identified the root causes, however do not inflict more pressure on yourself by attempting to resolve all the issues at once. You must be pre-emptive with regards to stress, and seek expert advice from a professional counsellor in Great Bookham, if the problems cannot be resolved by you alone.

In the workplace, implementing positive techniques, for instance stress management coaching or workshops can be crucial to promoting the overall wellbeing of the workforce. Great Bookham businesses will quickly notice changes by embracing this policy, and will soon see reduced absenteeism, better morale, enhanced staff retention and increased productivity. Overall, companies should cut costs in the longer term by recognising and addressing these issues.

As an individual person in Great Bookham, understanding what causes you stress, is the first thing on the agenda. Stress can be the result of a one-off situation or can be caused by a number of stressful occurrences that may happen over several weeks. For so many people in Great Bookham, it can literally be "the straw that broke the camel's back".

When challenging situations occur in your own daily life, it really is handy to have a "Stress Diary" in which you can record and keep them. This will help you to recognise any particular trends that may emerge and as a result, the identification of problems will be easier and you can then start to work on the key issues, one at a time.

Anytime you feel under stress over the next 14 days, you should write the events down in your Stress Diary, taking particular note of what could have caused such a rise in stress levels. You should then allot a score to each specific event on a scale of one to ten, with the highest being ten. If you notice any patterns emerging, it's time to take a deeper look into what is causing the problems. Address your stress issues in bite-sized pieces, and whenever possible try to get some professional assistance.

Diet and nutrition are other aspects that have an affect on your stress and wellbeing. Analyzing the things that you eat and drink can help to make sure that your body is receiving the correct dietary balance. Putting an exercise plan in place is also a good way to boost your overall health. Taking regular breaks from your work to enjoy a bit of fresh air is crucial, as this helps you to stay alert and focused throughout the day.

Last but not least, you shouldn't allow problems to grow to a degree where you cannot cope any more. If identified in the early days, many instances of stress related illness can be averted, and you will be able to spend more days feeling fitter and healthier and less time away from work.

Online Counselling

Online Counselling Great Bookham

Online and telephone counselling plays a vital role in the mental wellness of those in Great Bookham not able to attend one-to-one sessions with a counsellor. Because of the interference caused by Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown restrictions, remote counselling has become more vital than previously.

It is crucial for both therapist and patient, that any counselling session in Great Bookham takes place in a secure and safe setting, and remote therapy via telephone or online counselling should also abide by this principle. Online voice and video counselling will use an encrypted and secure data link for any consultations. This provides a safe environment for patient and therapist where they're both aware that their dialogue is entirely confidential and secure. Counselling sessions held by telephone are also safe due to the inbuilt communication structure and the laws which apply to the telephone corporations.

Telephone and Online counselling is no different from a face to face appointment, and is a helpful technique for having a consultation whilst ensuring that your feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and other concerns, are voiced without any judgement from your therapist. (Tags: Online Counselling Great Bookham, Online One-to-One Counselling, Telephone Counselling Great Bookham).

Child Counselling Great Bookham

The lifestyle of today is rather fast paced and stressful, when compared to what it used to be like a mere 20 years or so ago. Children and most noticeably adolescents in Great Bookham have to deal with many challenges and struggles in their day to day life. Struggling to deal with their innermost feelings, a lot of youngsters suffer from pressure and anxiety. Indications that this is occurring can be seen in their behaviour in the shape of irritation, anger and resentment, which I'm certain you will all recognise.

By dealing with their confusion and helping them to face up to their issues, counselling can be effective in most instances. The sorts of counselling that are most commonly used on youngsters are cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, family therapy and mindfulness. (Tags: Child Counselling Great Bookham, Child Counselling Services Great Bookham and Counselling for Children Great Bookham)

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Great Bookham counsellors will likely help you with psychosynthesis, supervision services in Great Bookham, cognitive analytical therapy in Great Bookham, person centred counselling in Great Bookham, family counselling, DBT-informed therapy in Great Bookham, OCD counselling, counselling for spiritual issues, self-harm counselling, free counselling, child & teenager counselling in Great Bookham, suicide grief counselling, existential counselling, rehabilitation counselling Great Bookham, medical counselling in Great Bookham, psychoanalytical therapies, spiritual counselling, psychodynamic therapies, guidance and counselling, post-natal depression counselling in Great Bookham, online counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, Jungian therapy, affordable counselling, grief counselling in Great Bookham, youth counselling Great Bookham, panic attack counselling, trauma counselling, integrative therapy in Great Bookham, cognitive therapy, psychodynamic counselling Great Bookham and other types of counselling in Great Bookham, Surrey.

Skills Needed to be Counsellors

  • They should have empathy and a desire to help others
  • They need patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • They must have good problem solving skills
  • They should be able to embrace constructive criticism and work well under pressure
  • They need to have understanding and sensitivity
  • They should have active listening skills
  • They must be able to work with a PC and the chief software packages efficiently
  • They require a comprehensive knowledge of psychology
  • They must have a non-judgemental approach
  • They must have the capacity to understand people's reactions
  • They need excellent verbal communication skills
  • They will need good person-to-person skills

Regular Tasks for a Counsellor

  • Laying out any confidentiality concerns and maintaining comprehensive records
  • Developing relationships of respect and trust
  • Helping patients re-evaluate issues to help them make favourable changes
  • Referring patients for other treatments when appropriate
  • Liaising with others (if necessary) to help any changes happen
  • Dealing with significant life events like divorce, retirement, bereavement, family planning and separation
  • Empathising but challenging where necessary
  • Helping clients to view things more clearly or in an alternative way
  • Coming to an agreement on what will be covered in sessions
  • Listening carefully, asking questions and affirming your understanding
  • Recognising mental health issues such as bipolar dysfunctions, depression, eating disorders, PTSD and anxiety

Counselling Books

If you wish to do some research into psychotherapy and counselling there are lots of books that you could read on this topic. Here are just a few of those which are available at the time of writing: Integrative Counselling Skills in Action by Sue Culley and Tim Bond, Working at Relational Depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Counselling in Action by Michael Jacobs, On Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy by Carl Rogers, Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy (Gerald Corey), An Introduction to Counselling (John McLeod), First Steps in Counselling by Pete Sanders.

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