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Counsellors Cheslyn Hay Staffordshire (WS6): Numerous individuals in Cheslyn Hay require the expertise of a counsellor in the course of their life in order to help them recuperate from a physical or psychological experience. Cheslyn Hay counsellors are proficient specialists who are capable of helping individuals through worrying and challenging spells in their life by listening and talking.

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Essentially, counselling is the process whereby a trained professional will offer opinions, advice and direction based on what the patient has spoken about. In a way, a counsellor may be looked upon as a sort of guide.

Counselling Cheslyn Hay (WS6)

Unfortunately, distressing experiences are just a part of day to day life, and they are things that we cannot escape from. So, in terms of dealing with physical or mental abuse, being witness to a disturbing occurrence, the passing of a loved one, a bout of depression or relationship problems, we can only do our best. However, when you discover that you can't cope, a professional Cheslyn Hay counsellor should be able to steer you through the most painful times.

There are obviously a lot of different forms of counselling procedures to be had in the Cheslyn Hay area, and the initial step is to call and schedule a consultation, so that the client and counsellor can chat and get acquainted with one another. This allows the therapist to work out the requirements of the client, and the client to feel at ease during future counselling sessions.

The most commonly encountered mental disorders like depression, bad habits, lack of confidence, stress and anger issues, can all be helped with counselling. These problems can affect people of all professions and from all types of backgrounds.

Counsellors Cheslyn Hay (01922)

Having to confront troubles and difficulties is a difficult thing to do on your own, and chatting with a professional counsellor can really help. A counsellor doesn't give advice, but rather helps an individual appreciate their own course of action to progress in solving their own problems.

It is vital that there's a good degree of trust between the patient and their counsellor and there always needs to be a confidentiality agreement that is strictly observed by the counsellor. Sharing and talking about topics that would usually be off-limits, even with their closest family and friends, is a thing that only happens as that trust grows.

An increasingly common problem that counsellors in Cheslyn Hay are asked for help with these days, is what are usually known as panic attacks. Between one and two percent of the UK has four or more separate episodes in any four-week period, according to the latest statistics. An additional 10 percent request assistance from a doctor or therapist, due to sporadic attacks that are deemed severe enough to warrant attention.

To put this into perspective, if you glance around any bustling supermarket or bar, at least one of the people that you see will be suffering regularly from some form of panic attack. It's therefore clear that you are far from alone if you are currently suffering from panic attacks. So, precisely what should be done about this?

The list below highlights a few of the things that could help you to manage your panic attacks:

  • Be cautious about how much coffee and sugar you're taking in.
  • Food colourings can elevate the likelihood of panic attacks.
  • Tea contains around half as much caffeine as coffee, therefore don't drink huge amounts of tea, thinking this is any better.
  • It is vital that you recognise your own personal anxiety triggers. An attack can even be caused by continually fretting about having one.
  • Practising relaxation techniques and yoga can help to prevent panic attacks.
  • Keeping a diary of the foods that you eat could help to identify the ones that could be causing attacks.

To give you control of the sensations that come with an attack it is important to know the causes and triggers of your attacks might well provide you with a better understanding of precisely what is taking place. Counselling can also give you better self-understanding and self-knowledge, and those are extremely effective tools when it comes to combating panic attacks.

Counsellor Cheslyn Hay Staffordshire (WS6)

Irrespective of the culture or background of the patient, an expert Cheslyn Hay counsellor should be able to help with a whole host of complex issues and concerns.

Counsellor vs Psychotherapist

Whilst searching for counselling for one of the problems we've mentioned, it's very possible that you will encounter folks in Cheslyn Hay who refer to themselves as either psychotherapists or counsellors, and you might be wondering precisely what the difference is. While the dividing line between these 2 professions is to some extent blurred to say the least, the primary difference is that counsellors will focus on the here and now to establish the reasons behind your problems, while psychotherapists will delve into your past.

Counselling Enquiries Cheslyn Hay (01922)

Counselling is obviously open to everybody, and regardless of whether you are living in Cheslyn Hay itself, or one of the surrounding villages and towns like Shareshill, Pelsall, Landywood, Cannock, Churchbridge, Norton Canes, Heath Hayes, Calf Heath, Wimblebury, Clayhanger, Bridgtown, Littlewood, Great Wyrley, Wedges Mills, Featherstone, Bloxwich, you will still be able to make full use of such vital services. Local Cheslyn Hay counsellors will likely have the telephone dialling code 01922 and the postcode WS6. Verifying this should confirm you're accessing locally based providers of counselling. Cheslyn Hay residents will be able to utilise these and various other similar services.

Why Would I Need Counselling?

You may perhaps find it necessary to obtain counselling in Cheslyn Hay if you need to build your self-confidence or esteem, need assistance in recovering from a traumatic event, want advice in relation to your future life direction, need sharpen up your communication skills, would like to break an annoying habit, need help with breavement, require advice about relationships, have issues with anger management or are plagued by suicidal thoughts or depression.

Stress Management Cheslyn Hay

In recent times, the unfortunate effect that stress has on businesses, individuals and employees, has come to the fore. In order to identify, reduce and regulate the issues connected with stress, employers in Cheslyn Hay need to ensure that they have adequate measures in place. However, it comes right down to it, how many companies actually take a proactive stance when it comes to the prevention of stress?

With afflicted individuals under-performing at work by over thirty percent, and somewhere around one in six workers in Cheslyn Hay experiencing stress, it's hardly surprising that at some point in our lives we're liable to succumb to any one of the countless illnesses that can be caused by stress and anxiety. The most current figures suggest that an average of thirty days of sick leave per year are taken by every person suffering from stress in the United Kingdom, and that we lose an annual total of 12.5 million work days to stress alone.

Stress Management Cheslyn Hay (WS6)

Establishing what causes us stress, both at home and at work, is usually difficult without the help of a specialist. Many Cheslyn Hay companies will not find it easy to recognise why particular symptoms have manifested themselves in their workers, and what has brought them about. Problems are frequently associated with stress at work where there can be various different reasons why people feel stressed and under pressure. The most commonly recorded factors behind stress in the workplace right now are tight deadlines, overlong working hours, high workload demands, taking work home and changes to duties.

The more typical symptoms of stress to be familiar with include constant mood swings, recurring headaches, low esteem or self-confidence, fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks. Being unable to sleep properly is another warning sign that you might have too much to contend with in your day to day life. In order to figure out what might be causing such problems, it is a good idea to closely monitor any daily, weekly or even monthly trends.

After you've successfully identified the root causes, you can start to implement solutions gradually, however do not try to resolve all of the problems at once, because this is only going to put you under more pressure. Remember to get advice from an expert if the issues can't be resolved by you on your own. Be pre-emptive with stress.

In relation to the workplace, taking steps to introduce proactive techniques such as stress management workshops or coaching can be a crucial factor in promoting an overall sense of wellbeing among staff. Changes like an increase in productivity, enhanced staff retention, reduced rates of absenteeism and higher staff morale will almost certainly be noticed by businesses in Cheslyn Hay who apply these policies. In the long term businesses should always save money by acknowledging and dealing with these issues, which has to be great news in the current economic climate.

From an individual perspective, the initial step should be to get an understanding of what causes you to get stressed. Stress can be the result of a single situation or can be caused by several stressful occurrences that may happen over several weeks. The expression "the straw that broke the camel's back" has rarely been so true in many people's lives.

The best way to manage your own stress is to keep a "Stress Diary", in which you can list the most challenging situations as they occur. The details that you make a note of should help with the identification of issues, and will be particularly useful in detecting regular trends that might emerge.

To assemble your Stress Diary, you should take note of any stressful event that happens over the next 2 weeks or more, together with your thoughts on what brought on the rise in stress levels. Then, with 10 being the most stressful, score each event on a scale of 1-10. You can delve deeper into what may be the biggest cause of the problems, if any clear and obvious trends emerge. Face up to your stress problems in bite-sized chunks, and whenever possible see if you can get some qualified assistance.

Nutrition and diet are other elements that influence your stress and wellbeing. Evaluating the things that you drink and eat can help to make certain that your body is getting the correct nutritional balance. Putting an exercise plan is also a good way to improve your general health. Taking a regular break from work to enjoy some fresh air is recommended, as this helps you to stay focused throughout the day.

Most important of all, you should never allow the issues that are stressing you out to grow to a point where you are no longer able to cope. Cases of stress related sickness are continually increasing and when recognised early enough, lots of these would lead to less time spent on sick leave and more time feeling fitter and healthier. (Tags: Managing Work Stress Cheslyn Hay, Stress Management Cheslyn Hay, Manage Stree Cheslyn Hay, Managing Stress Cheslyn Hay).

Bereavement Counselling Cheslyn Hay

Bereavement Counselling Cheslyn Hay (01922)

Losing somebody who's close, whether it be a family member or a friend, can affect you in a number of different ways. You might find that you're able to cope fairly well, and go forward with your life, or you might find the whole situation traumatic and rather a challenge. When you are having problems, it is crucial not to bottle up your emotions, and instead to share them with somebody else.

Generally speaking, coming to terms with your loss, feeling the pain of grief, facing living without your loved one, and finally, moving on, are looked on as the 4 main stages of bereavement. You must deal with each of these as they appear, and accepting what phase you are at should help to transition from this stage to the next. Though you'll have heard the saying frequently in the past, time heals all, and as time goes by a lot of the painful emotions will pass. If you desperately need someone to talk to because you are currently struggling with bereavement, a qualified Cheslyn Hay bereavement counsellor should be able to help you to live through the difficult moments, and move ahead with your life. (Tags: Grief Counselling Cheslyn Hay, Bereavement Counselling Cheslyn Hay, Bereavement Counsellors Cheslyn Hay)

Finding Ways to Deal With Stress

You will see that most people will end up coping with stress at one point in their lives. Plus there is never just one cause of stress, there are different things that will effect different individuals. Individuals jobs and money issues are just two of the most popular things that cause stress in individuals lives. While these are only two issues, you will find that there are many other issues that cause stress and another thing you will find is that there are many folks who cope with stress on a daily basis. In the following paragraphs we will be talking about a few ways to cope with the stress in your life.

The foods that you elect to eat can actually end up increasing your stress levels. Soda, coffee and tea, can all be contributing to your stress due to the caffeine that is found in these items. So one thing you should do is to try enjoying herbal tea in the morning and throughout the day to minimize your intake of caffeine. One more thing you really should make sure of is that you are obtaining the proper amount of vegetables and fruits as they also have vitamins and also minerals that can help with your stress. If your diet is composed mostly of junk food, you will not be healthy and also your body is not able to help you cope with stress appropriately.

One other factor that may help you to deal with your stress is getting your daily exercise everyday. Now, even though you will find that exercise in just about any variety will be able to help you manage stress, exercises that are extreme will have better results. Among the good things with regards to getting exercise is that while you are burning off your stress you are additionally burning calories and slimming down at the same time. Now if you aren't in shape to get serious exercises you will additionally see that lighter kinds of exercises will also help.

You may believe that Yoga is a kind of exercise, but it is actually a different type of thing. By using Yoga to help balance your body, you will notice that your body is more capable of handling stress. You could additionally wind up using different meditation tactics to help you manage your stress. If you wish to take classes for meditation or even Yoga you should be able to find classes nearby. You can also learn many of these types of techniques by searching online, if you are not comfortable joining a group of people to learn just how to do this.

Even though you will be able to discover other methods and techniques to help you cope with stress, the suggestions above will help. As I pointed out you will find other techniques for addressing stress but alcohol should not be employed as one of these techniques. You will probably find that you stop thinking about it for a little while, but when you sober up the stress remains and now you also have to deal with a hangover as well. Just start by adding the suggestions above and if you find that you need additional help dealing with your stress, you can simply search online for other techniques.

Books on Counselling and Psychotherapy

If you wish to do a bit of research into counselling and psychotherapy there are plenty of books that you can read on this topic. Here are a few of those which are now available: Counselling for Depression: A Person-centred and Experiential Approach to Practice, Handbook of Counselling Psychology by Ray Woolfe, Working at Relational Depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Dave Mearns and Mick Coope), Next Steps in Counselling Practice (Alan Frankland), Doing Counselling Research, Psychodynamic Counselling in Action by Michael Jacobs, Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy (Gerald Corey).

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Careers in Counselling

If you're looking into a career in counselling you will find an array of of invaluable information by visiting the government backed National Careers website. You will learn about the currently available counselling courses, the normal salary of a counsellor, the typical working hours for a counsellor, the skills required to be a good counsellor, the qualifications needed to be a counsellor, the best ways to enter into a counselling career, the day-to-day tasks of a counsellor and the professional associations overseeing counselling.

Required Skills for a Counsellor

  • They should have good interpersonal skills
  • They need to have the ability to resolve trouble as it arises
  • They must be able to use a PC and the appropriate software programs competently
  • They require an in depth knowledge of psychology
  • They need outstanding verbal communication skills
  • They must have a non-judgemental approach
  • They need patience and the ability to stay calm in stress filled situations
  • They must have understanding and sensitivity
  • They need to be able to understand a patient's reactions, both positive and negative
  • They must be able to embrace criticism and work well under pressure
  • They must have a strong ethical code and keep the outcome of sessions with their patients confidential
  • They should have acute listening skills

The Daily Duties of a Counsellor

  • Asking questions, listening attentively and verifying your understanding
  • Developing prejudice-free relationships of trust and respect
  • Helping patients to see things more plainly or in a different way
  • Implementing a contract to confirm what is going to be covered in the sessions
  • Helping patients re-evaluate issues to help them in making beneficial changes
  • Recognising mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety and bipolar disorders
  • Liaising with others (if needed) to help any changes happen
  • Dealing with major life events such as separation, retirement, bereavement, divorce and family planning
  • Referring patients to other treatments
  • Having empathy but challenging when appropriate
  • Maintaining confidential records of all sessions

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Cheslyn Hay counsellors will likely help you with life coaching, person centred counselling, rehabilitation counselling, depression counselling Cheslyn Hay, career coaching, drug addiction counselling, gaming addiction therapy, psychodynamic therapies in Cheslyn Hay, eating disorder counselling, life change counselling Cheslyn Hay, counselling for post-natal depression, supervision services Cheslyn Hay, mindfulness therapy, self-harm counselling Cheslyn Hay, cognitive behaviour counselling, relationship counselling, hypnotherapy, existential counselling, dynamic interpersonal therapy, youth counselling, integrative therapy, counselling for spiritual issues in Cheslyn Hay, domestic abuse counselling, spiritual counselling, internet addiction counselling, acceptance and commitment therapy Cheslyn Hay, counselling for work problems in Cheslyn Hay, help with panic attacks, low self-confidence counselling Cheslyn Hay, CBT, grief counselling, guidance and counselling, individual counselling, medical counselling Cheslyn Hay and other types of counselling in Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire. Listed are just some of the duties that are performed by those specialising in counselling. Cheslyn Hay professionals will tell you about their entire range of counselling services.

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