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Counselling Edenbridge Kent (TN8): Very few people in Edenbridge would argue that everyday life can be very stressful, particularly in these worrisome times. Having to face running a home, personal relationships and hectic working schedules, can cause even the most level-headed and composed person some restless nights. You can always seek the guidance of a local counselling service, when it all gets a bit too much. Just being able to speak with someone about your feelings can bring something of a relief.

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Based on what they have learned through conversations with the client, a professional counsellor will give ideas, advice and viewpoints to help with any issues. I guess you could look at a counsellor as a kind of life guide.

Counselling Edenbridge (TN8)

We're all affected by changes in our lives and are never able to foresee events like mental or physical abuse, being witness to a frightening event, a death in the family, the breaking down of a relationship or a period of depression. Having a qualified Edenbridge counsellor at hand to help you handle such dilemmas is a blessing in disguise. Whenever you are talking to someone who is not a part of your everyday life it is often much less difficult to unburden yourself and put your feelings into words and and doing this can be step one on your road to recovery.

So as to establish the best way to proceed and the sort of treatment that is needed, a preliminary consultation should be scheduled with a counsellor in Edenbridge. This consultation will enable the therapist to both get an understanding of what is stressing you out, and get to learn a little about you as an individual. Several sessions will be required to get to the root cause of the problem, therefore expect to be booking several appointments to set you on the path to recovery.

Commonplace mental disorders like lack of confidence, bad habits, anger issues, depression and stress, can all be helped by a counsellor. Such issues can affect people in all walks of life and from any background.

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Chatting with a counsellor is an effective strategy for working through troubles and issues that you may struggle to manage without help. Counsellors don't usually offer advice as such, but will rather help their clients to reach their own life decisions and find ways to cope with their issues.

The confidentiality agreement between client and counsellor is of the utmost importance and there needs to be a deep trust between the pair of them. This build up of trust also facilitates the counsellor's patients to share topics of concern that they may possibly find tricky to bring up with those close to them.

Counsellors in Edenbridge are regularly asked for assistance with the problem of panic attacks, and this is certainly a widespread disorder these days. Between 1% and 2% of the UK's has four or more separate attacks in any four-week period, according to the latest statistics. A further 10% request the assistance of a doctor or counsellor, due to occasional attacks that are deemed serious enough to warrant attention.

This means that if you are in a crowded restaurant or shop, you are fairly likely to be a stone's throw from someone who suffers frequently from panic attacks, and that alone is quite a sobering thought. It's therefore clear that you're in no way alone if you are currently suffering from panic attacks. So, what is the answer to this issue?

The following list highlights several of the things that may help you to cope with your panic attacks:

  • Realise your own personal anxiety triggers. The way that you think about attacks can even result in one.
  • Consuming certain food colourings can raise the potential for experiencing a panic attack.
  • Keeping a diary of the foods that you eat could help to establish the ones that may be triggering panic attacks.
  • Remember that there is quite a lot of caffeine in tea, so drinking 8 cups of tea a day rather than 3 cups of coffee won't help.
  • Practising relaxation techniques and yoga can help to reduce the stress associated with panic attacks.
  • Consider the amount of sugar or coffee you are ingesting.

To give you command over the sensations that come before an attack it's vital to know the triggers and causes of your attacks might well provide you with a better understanding of what's happening to you. Counselling can also give you better self-understanding and self-knowledge, and those are effective tools when the time comes to deal with panic attacks, or moments of heightened awareness.

Counsellor Edenbridge Kent (TN8)

Regardless of the background or culture of the patient, an established Edenbridge counsellor will be able to help with a wide range of complex issues.

Psychotherapist vs Counsellor

When you are in pursuit of help for any of the issues mentioned here you will possibly come across people in Edenbridge who call themselves counsellors and those who are known as psychotherapists, so just what is the difference between the two? Well, generally speaking, the line between these two skills is a bit hazy, but counsellors will normally deal with the current causes of your issues while a psychotherapist will dig deeper into what has happened in the past and the potential explanations for why a problem has arisen.

Counselling Enquiries Edenbridge (01732)

Psychotherapy and counselling is of course available to anyone, and whether you are living in Edenbridge itself, or one of the surrounding villages and towns like Marsh Green, Ide Hill, Hurst Green, Four Elms, Chiddingstone, Marlpit Hill, Hever, Lingfield, Holland, Den Cross, Bough Beech, Crockham Hill, Cowden, Penshurst, you will still be able to make full use of such vital services. Local Edenbridge counsellors will probably have the postcode TN8 and the phone code 01732. Checking this can ensure that you access local providers of counselling. Edenbridge residents are able to benefit from these and various other counselling related services.

Child Counselling Edenbridge

When compared to what it was like a couple of decades ago our lifestyle these days is really stressful and fast-paced. Children and teenagers in Edenbridge have to deal with many challenges and obstacles in their day to day life. A lot of young people feel pressure and anxiety and have trouble with their feelings. This can result in a lot of anger, irritation and frustration.

Counselling can be worthwhile in such cases, by dealing with their uncertainties and helping them to face up to their issues and concerns. The sorts of counselling that are most commonly used on children and teenagers are mindfulness, family therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and psychotherapy. (Tags: Child Counselling Services Edenbridge, Counselling for Children Edenbridge and Child Counselling Edenbridge)

Psychotherapy Edenbridge

Psychotherapy Edenbridge (TN8)

Psychotherapy offers a whole host of treatments for various mental health conditions. It is an effective treatment which involves interaction between a client and a qualified therapist to bring about a solution to a client's behaviour and/or feelings.

For patients with similar phobias and mental or personality disorders, psychotherapy procedures in Edenbridge can be done individually or in group sessions. In either circumstances, psychotherapy offers a therapeutic treatment to the individuals involved during a dynamic and interactive process.

Improving mental health, and thus a patient's quality of life, is the primary goal of psychotherapy. A fully certified psychotherapist in Edenbridge has a legal requirement to treat every case in the strictest confidence and with a focus on the client's physical and mental well being. Psychotherapy can be used to treat people in Edenbridge with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and personality disorders.

Stress Management Edenbridge

Over the last couple of years, we have become more and more alert to the effect that stress can have on employees, individuals and companies. In order to identify, reduce and regulate the problems connected with stress, employers in Edenbridge need to ensure that they've got appropriate measures in place. But how many businesses have a hands-on approach to stress prevention?

It's no great surprise that at some point we fall victim to one of the numerous medical problems connected to stress, when you consider the fact that around one in six workers in Edenbridge experience stress and those self-same people under-perform at work by over thirty percent. The most current statistics indicate that in Great Britain alone, 12.5 million working days per year are lost to stress, which is roughly the same as each stress sufferer taking on average 30 days sick leave per year.

Stress Management Edenbridge (TN8)

Without specialist help from a psychotherapist or counsellor, determining what causes us stress, both in the workplace and at home, is usually challenging. Businesses may not immediately understand what the underlying factors are and why certain symptoms have manifested themselves in their workforce. Problems are frequently linked to stress at work where there can be countless reasons why workers feel stressed and under pressure. The most widely reported causes of workplace stress right now are working too many hours, high workloads, deadlines that are impossible, job insecurity and role changes.

The more obvious symptoms of stress to be familiar with include panic attacks, lack of self-esteem or confidence, anxiety, constant mood swings, recurring headaches and fatigue. Another sign that you may have too much to cope with is having an irregular sleep pattern. Pay attention to any clear trends that appear daily, weekly and even monthly, and try to discover the cause of these problems.

Little by little you can implement solutions once you've managed to identify the root causes, however don't put yourself under more pressure by endeavouring to resolve all the issues at once. Remember to get expert advice if the issues cannot be solved by you alone. Always be proactive with stress.

With regards to the workplace, taking positive steps to introduce proactive techniques, for example stress management coaching or workshops can be a vital element in promoting an overall sense of wellbeing among personnel. By embracing this policy, Edenbridge businesses will certainly notice changes such as decreased absenteeism, improved staff retention, better morale and an increase in productivity. In the longer term businesses should invariably save money by dealing with these problems, which must be great news in the current economic situation.

At a personal level, understanding what causes stress should be the starting point. Stress can be the result of several stressful circumstances that may occur over a specific period of time, or it can be caused by a once only situation. The proverb "the straw that broke the camel's back" has rarely been so true in many people's lives.

The best way to manage your own stress is to keep a "Stress Diary", in which you can log the most difficult situations as they happen. If any particular patterns emerge, this should help you to spot them, and problem identification will become simpler.

To maintain a Stress Diary, just jot down each and every stressful occurrence over the next 14 days in a diary format with a short description of exactly what caused your stress levels to rise. You can then score each specific event on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the most stressful. If you spot any trends emerging, the time has come to take a deeper look into what might be causing the problems. Face up to your issues in bite-sized pieces, and wherever possible see if you can get some professional assistance.

Your stress and wellbeing can also be impacted by other aspects, such as your diet, nutrition and other life choices. To make sure that your body is getting the proper nutritional balance and that you have an exercise plan in place, it is always worth reviewing what you eat and drink. And don't forget to take a regular break from work to enjoy a bit of fresh air during the day because this will help you to stay focused til' the end of the day.

Last but not least, you must not allow the problems you're faced with to grow to a point where you cannot cope any more. Even though stress related illness is an ever increasing issue, if it is recognised and acknowledged in the initial phases, it can be stamped out before it has a negative effect on your personal and work life.

Ways to Cope With Stress

All through everyones lives, stress is one thing that just about everybody will have to contend with. Different things will effect different individuals in different ways, so what may cause some individuals stress will not cause other people stress. You will recognize that many people will become stressed because of money issues, others may become stressed as a result of jobs they have. But regardless of what the reason, stress is a thing that most men and women live with, and for some people it is something that they deal with every day. If you're one of the people who handle stress on a frequent basis we will be talking about a few things you can do to help cope with it.

The very first thing you should recognize is that depending on what you eat, you may well be causing more stress in your life. Soda, coffee and tea, can all be adding to your stress due to the caffeine that is located in these types of items. One of the main things you can do is to get some herbal tea and drink that when you would generally be grabbing a cup of coffee. Additionally, you ought to realize that by eating healthful foods you body will be more prepared to help you fight off stress. If your diet regime consists mostly of junk food, you will not be healthy plus your body is not in a position to help you cope with stress appropriately.

Exercise is another thing that you will find is vital to helping you handle stress. While just about any type of exercising may help you cope with stress, you will notice that more intense exercises or workouts will help to decrease the stress you have. When you are carrying out a physically demanding exercise you will see that you will not only be getting rid of calories but you will be burning off your stress also. A number of you may not be capable of getting the intense exercise, but you will quickly realize that walking can also help reduce stress.

Another thing you may want to try out is Yoga. By using Yoga to help balance your entire body, you will see that your body is more capable of dealing with stress. You could also end up using different meditation tactics to help you manage your stress. If you wish to take classes for meditation or perhaps Yoga you should be able to discover classes nearby. These strategies can be mastered by using home training courses which you can get on DVD as well as programs that can teach you these methods online.

There are many other ways to cope with your daily stress, but you will discover that these tips above are a good place to get started. There is something that some men and women use to try to cope with their stress, but it does not work, and that is alcohol. You might find that you stop thinking about it for a short time, but when you sober up the stress remains and then you also have to handle a hangover as well. If you discover that the suggestions above don't help you a lot, you can use the internet to locate some other methods and techniques to cope with your stress.

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Books on Counselling

If you want to do a little bit of research into counselling there are a whole host of books that you could read on the topic. Here are just a few of those that are available right now: Learning to Counsel by Jan Sutton and William Stewart, An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy, Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy by Gerald Corey, First Steps in Counselling, Integrative Counselling Skills in Action by Sue Culley and Tim Bond, A Way of Being, Counselling: The BACP Counselling Reader.

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Edenbridge counsellors will likely help you with life coaching, gambling addiction counselling Edenbridge, free counselling, workplace counselling, individual counselling Edenbridge, trauma counselling in Edenbridge, help with panic attacks in Edenbridge, person centred counselling Edenbridge, cognitive analytical therapy, personal development counselling in Edenbridge, interpersonal psychotherapy in Edenbridge, DBT-informed therapy, domestic abuse counselling in Edenbridge, CBT, family counselling Edenbridge, relationship counselling Edenbridge, psychosynthesis in Edenbridge, group counselling in Edenbridge, Jungian therapy, behavioural therapies, online counselling in Edenbridge, bereavement counselling Edenbridge, eating disorder counselling, self-esteem counselling, counselling for post-natal depression, depression therapies Edenbridge, one-to-one counselling, supervision services, depression counselling Edenbridge, alcohol addiction counselling Edenbridge, marriage counselling Edenbridge, career counselling Edenbridge, psychodynamic therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy in Edenbridge, integrative therapy and other types of counselling in Edenbridge, Kent. Listed are just a selection of the activities that are carried out by experts in counselling. Edenbridge providers will be happy to inform you of their whole range of counselling services.

Necessary Skills to be a Counsellor

  • They need to have the ability to deal with trouble as it develops
  • They should have good person-to-person skills
  • They must have the capacity to recognise a patient's reactions, bot negative and positive
  • They need good verbal communication skills
  • They should have a non-judgemental approach
  • They must be able to use a PC and the essential software applications efficiently
  • They should have active listening skills
  • They must have sensitivity and understanding
  • They need patience and the ability to remain calm in tense situations
  • They should be able to accept constructive criticism and work efficiently under pressure
  • They should have compassion and a deep desire to help others
  • They require an in depth understanding of psychology and psychotherapy
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