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Counsellors Sunninghill Berkshire (SL5): Many adults and children in Sunninghill need counselling at some phase in their life in order to aid in recovering from a psychological or physical event. Sunninghill counsellors are trained experts who are able to help people through difficult and worrying spells in their life by listening and chatting.

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In accordance with the information they have gleaned as a result of discussions with the patient, a trained, professional counsellor will give viewpoints, guidance and opinions to help with any issues. Actually, you might look at your counsellor as a sort of guide.

Counselling Sunninghill (SL5)

We're all subject to changes in our lives and can never predict events like the passing away of a friend or family member, abuse in its countless forms, the onset of depression, bearing witness to a disturbing event or relationship problems. Having a trained Sunninghill counsellor around to help you handle predicaments like this is a blessing that you'll appreciate soon enough. Whenever you're chatting to somebody that isn't a part of your everyday life it is often less difficult to unburden yourself and put your feelings into words and this can be step one on your road to recovery.

Of course there are many different kinds of counselling therapies on offer in Sunninghill and nearby, and the first step would be to call and arrange a consultation, so the counsellor and client can talk and get to know one another. This will enable the therapist to ascertain the exact needs of the patient and the patient to feel much more at ease in future sessions.

Several of the most commonplace mental conditions such as bad habits, anxiety, depression, confidence and anger issues, which trouble a great number of people from all areas of life in Sunninghill, can also be alleviated by counselling.

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Having to confront challenges and troubles is a difficult thing to do by yourself, and talking to a trained counsellor can certainly help. Counsellors do not generally offer advice per se, but will rather help their clients to arrive at their own life decisions and learn to live with their issues.

Trust between the client and their counsellor is vitally important and the agreement of confidentiality between the two is strictly adhered to. Chatting about and sharing subjects that would generally be off-limits, even with their closest family and friends, is something that will only happen as that trust grows.

An increasingly common issue that counsellors in Sunninghill are asked to assist with nowadays, is what are normally referred to as panic attacks. Recent studies have shown that during any 4 week period, between 1 and 2% of the UK has four or more separate episodes. Then a further 10% has occasional attacks, severe enough for them to seek assistance, usually through a GP.

These are sobering statistics, because if you're in a bustling restaurant or shop, you are fairly likely to be close to somebody who regularly suffers from panic attacks. Subsequently, it is obvious that if you go through panic attacks you're far from alone in this. So, just what can you do about this?

The following are a few tips that might help you keep panic attacks under control:

  • Food colourings can increase the likelihood of panic attacks.
  • Try not to consume too much coffee and sugar.
  • Many people say they've gained benefits from doing yoga or learning relaxation techniques, and it does seem to be logical.
  • Avoid drinking large amounts of tea, since this contains quite a lot of caffeine.
  • Foodstuffs that cause attacks can be established by keeping a detailed food diary.
  • Recognise your own personal anxiety triggers. The way in which you think about attacks can actually be the cause of one.

Realising the causes and triggers of your attacks might well give you an understanding of what's happening to you, and that may give you some control over the feelings that come before an attack. You can get a better self-understanding and self-knowledge through counselling, and with regards to combating panic attacks, these are very formidable tools.

Counsellor Sunninghill Berkshire (SL5)

Regardless of the culture or background of the patient, an established Sunninghill counsellor should be able to help with a wide variety of challenging issues and problems.

Psychotherapist or Counsellor?

You'll quite likely encounter some people in Sunninghill who refer to themselves as counsellors and others who call themselves psychotherapists, when you're trying to find help for one of the issues mentioned above - so what is the difference? Well, in general, the dividing line between these skills is sort of hazy, but briefly, counsellors will typically focus on the here and now of your current issues while a psychotherapist will explore deeper into your past and the potential explanations for why a problem has arisen.

Counselling Enquiries Sunninghill (01344)

Counselling and psychotherapy is obviously available to anyone, and regardless of whether you are living in Sunninghill itself, or one of the nearby villages and towns such as Egham, Owlsmoor, Bagshot, Bracknell, Egham Wick, Wood End, Staines, Longcross, Winkfield Row, Ascot, Lyne, Windlesham, Englefield Green, Sunningdale, Winkfield, Warfield, Popeswood, South Ascot, Cheapside, Lightwater, Virginia Water, you will still be able to make full use of these vital services. Local Sunninghill counsellors will most likely have the postcode SL5 and the phone code 01344

Stress Management Sunninghill

In recent years, the serious repercussions that stress can have on companies, individuals and employees, has been more and more noticeable. It is vital for business owners in Sunninghill to make certain that they implement adequate measures for recognising, reducing and controlling stress and its associated problems. But how many businesses take stress prevention seriously?

With around one in six employees in Sunninghill battling with stress and those same people under-performing in the workplace by over thirty percent, it's no surprise that at some stage we succumb to one of the numerous health concerns that are associated with stress. The most recent statistics show that in the United Kingdom alone, 12.5 million days per annum are lost to stress, which is roughly the same as each person suffering from stress taking on average 30 days sick leave yearly.

Stress Management Sunninghill (SL5)

Both at home and at work, it is usually difficult to identify the causes of stress without the specialist help of a counsellor. The reason why certain symptoms are being experienced by their workers, and exactly what's contributed to them, might not be immediately obvious to an employer. Stress at work is very common, and there are a number of different reasons why workers feel under pressure and stressed in those environments. The top reasons for stress in the workplace that we have observed are taking work home, deadlines that are impossible, a lack of resources, heavy workloads and long hours.

There are many symptoms of stress that you need to be alert to, and these include lack of self-esteem or confidence, tiredness, panic attacks, constant mood swings, frequent headaches and anxiety. Another indication that you might have too much stress in your life is having an irregular sleeping pattern. In order to figure out what might be causing such issues, it is a good idea to make a note of any daily, weekly or even monthly patterns.

From the moment the root causes have been accurately identified, you can gradually implement solutions, however you must take it slowly, because endeavouring to fix every issue in one go will just create additional pressure that could make things worse. If the problems you're facing cannot be solved by you alone, remember to get some specialist advice from a local Sunninghill counsellor.

In the workplace, implementing proactive techniques such as stress management coaching or workshops can be crucial in helping the wellbeing of staff. By adopting this policy, Sunninghill companies will almost certainly notice changes such as higher morale, an increase in productivity, decreased absenteeism and improved staff retention. Overall, employers should always cut costs in the long term by recognising and addressing these concerns.

For individuals, the initial step should be to get an understanding of what causes your stress. Stress can be the result of a once only situation or can be caused by several stressful occurrences that may happen over a specific period of time. The expression "the straw that broke the camel's back" has never been so appropriate in many people's lives.

When challenging situations arise in your own life, it is helpful to have a "Stress Diary" in which you can list them. The information that you write down in this will help in the identification of issues, and will be particularly useful in recognising regular trends that may emerge.

Anytime you feel in a state of stress over the next couple of weeks, you should write the events down in your Stress Diary, taking note of what may have caused such a rise in stress levels. Then, with ten being the highest, score each event on a scale of one to ten. If any clear patterns emerge, you can delve deeper into what may be the main reason behind the issue. Face up to your problems in bite-sized chunks, and whenever possible see if you can get some qualified assistance.

Not surprisingly, your stress and wellness can also be affected by other factors, such as your diet, nutrition and more. Analyzing what you drink and eat can help to ensure that your body is receiving the right dietary balance. Having an exercise plan in place is also an effective way to improve your general fitness. Taking a regular break from your work to enjoy some fresh air is important, because this helps you to remain alert and focused right through the day.

Most importantly, you should never let the problems that you're stressing over grow to a point where you are no longer able to cope. Despite the fact that stress related illness is on the increase, if it is recognised and acknowledged in the early days, it can be stamped out before it affects your work and personal life.

Psychotherapy Sunninghill

Psychotherapy Sunninghill (SL5)

Psychotherapy provides various treatment options for a wide array of mental health conditions in patients. It is a useful treatment that includes communication between a client and a qualified therapist to bring about a solution to a patient's feelings and/or behaviour.

Group psychotherapy sessions in Sunninghill can be extremely helpful for those struggling with comparable disorders, especially to show that the individual is in no way alone with their problem; whereas individualised procedures can engender greater trust and understanding between a therapist and client. In both cases, psychotherapy delivers a dynamic and interactive process to the patients who take part in these sessions.

Improving mental health, and thus a patient's quality of life, is the principal goal of psychotherapy. Fully qualified psychotherapists in Sunninghill are required by law to treat all sufferers with the strictest confidentiality, and target both mental and physical health issues pre-emptively. Psychotherapy can be an effective treatment for people in Sunninghill with mental illnesses such as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), personality disorders, addictions, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and schizophrenia.

Marriage Counselling Sunninghill

Marriage Counselling Sunninghill UK

Families are the cornerstone of society as we know it, and society overall benefits from having happy family units. With a bit of help from marriage counselling in Sunninghill, a married couple can build a strong and long-lasting bond that stands the test of time. A lot of relationship problems are the result of poor communication.

Marriage counsellors will frequently detect problems and help in the appeasement of previously insurmountable differences. A type of psychotherapy that's available to married couples in Sunninghill, marriage counselling can help to iron out their marital issues. A lot of marital issues can be sorted out in one short counselling session, whilst others can take much longer.

Books on Counselling and Psychotherapy

Anyone wishing to swat up on counselling practices could consider any of these books: Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, The Beginner's Guide to Counselling & Psychotherapy (Stephen Palmer), Psychodynamic Counselling in Action, Person-Centred Counselling in Action (Brian Thorne and Dave Mearns), An Introduction to Counselling (John McLeod), Handbook of Counselling Psychology (Ray Woolfe), Integrative Counselling Skills in Action.

Necessary Skills for a Counsellor

  • They require a comprehensive knowledge of psychology
  • They should have good person-to-person skills
  • They must be able to work with a computer and the important software packages competently
  • They should have excellent listening skills
  • They must have a non-judgemental approach to their patients
  • They must have understanding and sensitivity
  • They need patience and the ability to remain calm in stress filled situations
  • They must be able to recognise the reactions of their patients
  • They must have outstanding verbal communication skills
  • They should have a robust ethical code and keep sessions with their patients confidential
  • They must be open-minded and tolerant of different situations and people
  • They must be able to accept criticism and work effectively under pressure

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Sunninghill counsellors can generally help you with mindfulness therapy Sunninghill, obsessive compulsive disorder counselling Sunninghill, spiritual counselling, bereavement counselling in Sunninghill, free counselling, psychosynthesis, psychotherapy, counselling for post-natal depression, child counselling, dynamic interpersonal therapy in Sunninghill, self-harm counselling in Sunninghill, cognitive analytical therapy Sunninghill, cognitive behaviour counselling, life coaching, relate counselling, psychoanalytical counselling, person centred counselling, self-esteem counselling Sunninghill, life change counselling, career counselling, supervision services, medical counselling, counselling for work problems Sunninghill, rational emotive behaviour therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, group counselling, psychodynamic therapies Sunninghill, guidance and counselling Sunninghill, personal development counselling, behavioural therapies Sunninghill, grief counselling and other types of counselling in Sunninghill, Berkshire.

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