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Counselling Highbridge Somerset (TA9): A lot of men, women and children in Highbridge find themselves needing counselling at some point in their lifetime as a way to help them recuperate from a physical or emotional event. Highbridge counsellors are competent professionals who are capable of helping people through worrying and challenging periods in their life by listening and chatting.

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Essentially, counselling is the process by which a highly trained professional will offer viewpoints, opinions and guidance in line with what their patient has spoken about. Actually, you might consider your counsellor as a guide.

Counselling Highbridge (TA9)

We are all affected by dramatic changes in our lives and are never able to predict events such as a relationship breakdown, experiencing a traumatic occurrence, a period of depression, abuse or the passing of a loved one. Having a trained Highbridge counsellor around to help you face such problems is a blessing in disguise. Whenever you are chatting to somebody who is not an integral part of your everyday life it can be much less difficult to put your feelings into words and unburden yourself and this is the very first step on your path to recovery.

Initial consultations with a counselling service in Highbridge will determine the type of treatment which is appropriate and the correct way to move forward. This enables the counsellor to get to know you, and get an understanding of what's really stressing you out. Don't expect that one session will solve your problems, you will need quite a few sessions to put you on the path to recovery, and get back to something like normal.

A few of the most common mental disorders for instance confidence, bad habits, anger issues, depression and anxiety, which impact on a significant number of people from all avenues of life in Highbridge, can also be alleviated through counselling.

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Having to deal with concerns and challenges is not easy on your own, and speaking with a professional counsellor can certainly help. Counsellors don't usually offer advice per se, but will instead help their clients to reach their own decisions and figure out their problems.

The agreement of confidentiality between client and counsellor is vitally important and there must be a good level of trust between the pair of them. Talking about and sharing subjects that would generally be taboo, even with close family and friends, is something that will only happen as that level of trust strengthens.

Counsellors in Highbridge are regularly asked for help with the issue of panic attacks, and this has certainly become a widespread condition in recent times. Between 1% and 2% of the UK's has at least four separate attacks during any 4 week period, according to recent surveys. Plus, a further 10% has intermittent attacks which are so significant that they deem it necessary to seek the help of a doctor or other professional.

This shows that if you find yourself in a bustling shop or pub, you are almost certainly close to somebody who suffers regularly from panic attacks, and this alone is quite a sobering prospect. It's therefore obvious that you are by no means alone in this if you currently suffer panic attacks. So, how can we cope with panic attacks?

The following are a few pointers that could help you keep panic attacks at bay:

  • Remember that there's quite a bit of caffeine in tea, so drinking 8 cups of tea a day in place of three cups of coffee isn't any better.
  • Food colourings can elevate the likelihood of panic attacks.
  • It is recommended that you keep a diary of the foods that you eat, so that you can discover which foodstuffs could be inducing your attacks.
  • Be careful about the quantity of coffee and sugar you're ingesting.
  • The way you think about attacks can bring them on, even to the extent that being concerned about having an attack can cause you to have one. So realising your own personal triggers can be extremely valuable.
  • Practising yoga and other relaxation techniques can help to stop panic attacks.

To give you some control of the sensations and thoughts that come before an attack it's important to know the causes and triggers of your attacks might well provide you with a better understanding of precisely what's taking place. With the assistance of a counsellor in Highbridge you're able to get an improved understanding and self-knowledge, and these are extremely powerful tools when it comes to combating a panic attack.

Counsellor Highbridge Somerset (TA9)

Irrespective of the culture or background of the patient, an experienced Highbridge counsellor will be able to help with a mixed bag of complex issues and problems.

Psychotherapists and Counsellors, What is the Difference?

When trying to get help for any of the issues mentioned above you might run into professionals in Highbridge who call themselves psychotherapists and those who are known as counsellors, so precisely what is the difference between those two? Even though the distinction between the 2 professions is fairly hazy to say the least, the principal difference is that counsellors will focus on the here and now to understand the reasons behind your issues, while psychotherapists delve into your past.

Counselling Enquiries Highbridge (01278)

Counselling is obviously open to anyone, and regardless of whether you reside in Highbridge itself, or one of the encircling towns and villages such as Puriton, East Brent, Edithmead, Northwick, East Huntspill, Watchfield, Berrow, Brent Knoll, Yarrow, Huntspill, West Huntspill, Southwick, Walrow, Alstone, Burnham-on-Sea, Stretcholt, Pawlett, Woolavington, Bason Bridge, you'll still be able to benefit from these services. Locally based Highbridge counsellors will probably have the phone code 01278 and the postcode TA9. Verifying this will confirm you're accessing local providers of counselling. Highbridge residents can utilise these and various other similar services.

Online Counselling

Online Counselling Highbridge

For those who can't participate in one-to-one interaction with a therapist in Highbridge, telephone and online consultations play an important role in mental wellbeing. With the problems triggered by Covid-19 restrictions, remote counselling is becoming even more important.

It's important for both therapist and patient, that any therapy session in Highbridge takes place in a safe and secure setting, and remote therapy via online or telephone counselling is no exception. An encrypted end to end protocol is used in online counselling for both the video and audio link up. This layer of encryption means that nobody outside of the two way link can compromise an ongoing conversation or record it for any purpose. Telephone counselling consultations during a session are also protected due to the privacy laws which apply to telephone and mobile companies, and the design of the network.

There's no difference between online or telephone counselling and one-to-one counselling; both provide a beneficial treatment procedure which means that anyone can express their problems and feelings of stress, depression, anxiety without getting the impression that they're being judged or laughed at.

Marriage Counselling Highbridge

Marriage Counselling Highbridge UK

The building blocks of society are families, and if you are to have a healthy society you should have families who are happy. With a little help from marriage counselling in Highbridge, married couples will be able to build a strong and long-lasting partnership that will stand the test of time. A lot of problems with relationships are down to poor communication.

By recognising such problems, marriage counsellors in Highbridge can help in the reconciliation of a couples differences. Marriage counselling is a kind of psychotherapy that's offered to married couples as a way to find a solution to their marital problems. Whilst a few marital problems could take some time to rectify, most can be addressed in one brief counselling session with a good therapist.

Bereavement Counselling Highbridge

Bereavement Counselling Highbridge (01278)

Losing someone who's close to you, whether it be a friend or family member, can affect you in a number of different ways. You may find that you're able to cope reasonably well, and move on with your life, or you may find the entire process distressing and something of a challenge. When you are having problems, it is vital not to bottle up your feelings and thoughts, and share them with others instead.

For the most part, accepting your loss, experiencing the pain of grief, facing living without your loved one in it, and lastly, moving on, are looked on as the four main stages of bereavement. It's crucial to be aware of these 4 stages, as you need to be conscious of what one you're presently at, in order to proceed to the next stage. Though you will have heard the maxim frequently during your lifetime, time heals all wounds, and as time passes many of the painful thoughts will pass. When you are battling with bereavement and need someone to speak to, a professional Highbridge bereavement counsellor should certainly be able to help you to live through the worst moments.

Stress Management Highbridge

In recent years, the serious repercussions that stress can have on businesses, individuals and employees, has come to the fore. Employers in Highbridge need to make certain that they've got appropriate measures set up to recognise, reduce and regulate the problems connected with stress. But with regards to stress prevention, how many businesses do in fact have a hands-on approach?

It's no great surprise that at some stage we are affected by one of the numerous medical problems that are linked to stress, when you consider the fact that about one in six employees in Highbridge experience stress and those individuals under-perform in the workplace by more than thirty percent. The latest data suggest that on average thirty days of sick leave per year are taken by every stress sufferer in the United Kingdom, and that we lose an annual total of 12.5 million work days to stress alone.

Stress Management Highbridge (TA9)

Establishing what causes us stress, both in the workplace and on a personal basis, is usually tricky without the help of a specialist. Employers may not understand what the contributing factors are and why specific symptoms are being experienced by their personnel. Work related stress is really common, and there are many different reasons why people feel stressed and under pressure in those environments. The top reasons for stress in the workplace that we observe are job insecurity, harassment, high workloads, unattainable deadlines and long hours.

Typical symptoms of stress are fatigue, low esteem or self-confidence, constant mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety and frequent headaches. Likewise, not being able to maintain a decent sleeping pattern can also be an indication that you may have too much to contend with. Be familiar with any general patterns that emerge on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and try to understand exactly what's been causing these issues.

Little by little you can implement solutions once you have identified the root causes, but do not put yourself under more pressure by trying to fix all the problems in one go. If the problems can't be resolved by you alone, remember to get some specialist advice from a professional Highbridge counsellor.

With regards to stress in the workplace, taking positive steps to introduce proactive techniques, for example stress management workshops or coaching can be a key element in creating an overall feeling of wellbeing among the workers. Changes such as an increase in productivity, higher staff morale, reduced rates of absenteeism and enhanced staff retention will soon be noticed by businesses in Highbridge who embrace these policies. Considering all of these factors, companies should always cut costs in the long term, which in this economic climate must be good news.

At a personal level, starting to understand what causes stress should be the first step. Stress can be the result of several stressful circumstances that may occur over several weeks, or it can be caused by a single situation. For so many folks in Highbridge, it can be literally "the straw that broke the camel's back".

The best way to deal with your own stress is to keep a detailed "Stress Diary", in which you can record the most difficult moments as they happen. This should help you in recognising any particular trends that might emerge and as a result, the identification of issues will be easier and you can then start to work on the key problems, one at a time.

To assemble your Stress Diary, you need to make a note of any stressful event that happens over the next 2 weeks or so, along with your assessment of what induced the increase in stress levels. You should then give each specific event a score on a scale of 1-10, with the highest being 10. If you spot any patterns emerging, the time has come to take a deeper look into what is causing the problems. Don't try to fix all of your problems right away, deal with them in bite-sized chunks and get some qualified assistance with solving the issues.

Other aspects that have an effect on your stress and wellbeing include your diet and nutrition. It is always well worth reviewing what you eat and drink to make certain that your body is getting the correct balance and that you also have an exercise plan in place. To help you to re-focus during the day, it is advisable to take a regular break from your work to get some fresh air.

Most importantly, you should never let the problems that you're stressing over grow to a stage where you are no longer able to cope. Instances of stress related complaints are ever increasing and when identified early on, a good many of these would lead to less sick days and more time feeling fitter and healthier. (Tags: Managing Work Stress Highbridge, Manage Stree Highbridge, Managing Stress Highbridge, Stress Management Highbridge).

Skills Necessary for a Counsellor

  • They need to have understanding and sensitivity
  • They must be able to welcome criticism and work efficiently under pressure
  • They must be able to use a PC and the chief software programs efficiently
  • They must have patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • They must be able to recognise people's reactions
  • They will need good interpersonal skills
  • They must have an open mind and be tolerant of different situations and people
  • They should have a non-judgemental approach to their clients
  • They should have excellent listening skills
  • They require a comprehensive understanding of psychology and psychotherapy
  • They must have empathy and a desire to help others
  • They need to have outstanding verbal communication skills

Counselling Books

Any of you looking to swat up on counselling could take a peek at any of the following books: Counselling for Depression: A Person-centred and Experiential Approach to Practice, Counselling Skills and Theory (Margaret Hough), Psychodynamic Counselling in Action, Person-Centred Counselling in Action (Brian Thorne and Dave Mearns), Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy by Gerald Corey, Doing Counselling Research by John McLeod, A Way of Being by Carl Rogers.

Careers in Counselling

If you're looking into a career in counselling you'll find a host of of handy advice on the government endorsed National Careers website. You can learn about the typical working hours for a counsellor, the professional associations overseeing counselling, the skills required to be a counsellor, the normal salary of a counsellor, the currently available counselling courses, the everyday tasks of a counsellor, the qualifications required to be a counsellor and the best way to start a counselling career.

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In Somerset you will also discover: Congresbury counselling, Pitminster counselling services, Nailsea counselling, Newbridge counsellors, Ruishton counselling services, Sandford counselling services, Dunster counselling, Meare counselling services, Wraxall counselling, Cotford St Luke counselling services, West Buckland counselling services, Pitminster counsellors, Peasedown St John counsellors, Street counselling services, Shipham counselling, Baltonsborough counsellors, Spaxton counselling, Pensford counselling services, Bathampton counselling services, Woolavington counselling services, Cotford St Luke counsellors, Cameley counsellors, Nailsea counselling services, Clutton counselling services, Ilton counselling services, Bathford counselling, Banwell counsellors, Bathford counsellors, North Curry counsellors. Throughout the Somerset region you'll be able to find counsellors who'll provide you with high quality services for your counselling needs. If you're unable to find the perfect counsellor in Highbridge itself you will doubtless be able to find one close by.

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Highbridge counsellors can usually help with post-natal depression counselling Highbridge, bullying counselling Highbridge, career coaching, marriage counselling Highbridge, relationship counselling in Highbridge, gaming addiction therapy in Highbridge, acceptance and commitment therapy, counselling for spiritual issues, obsessive compulsive disorder counselling, youth counselling, help with panic attacks Highbridge, rational emotive behaviour therapy, medical counselling Highbridge, one-to-one therapy, behavioural therapies Highbridge, dynamic interpersonal therapy, spiritual counselling, alcohol addiction counselling in Highbridge, person centred therapy, psychoanalytical therapies Highbridge, internet addiction counselling, life coaching, relate counselling, grief counselling Highbridge, hypnotherapy, psychodynamic counselling, cognitive analytical therapy, life change counselling Highbridge, debt counselling Highbridge, low-cost counselling, bereavement counselling Highbridge, eating disorder counselling Highbridge, couples counselling, cognitive therapy, online counselling and other types of counselling in Highbridge, Somerset. Listed are just a small portion of the activities that are performed by people specialising in counselling. Highbridge professionals will inform you of their full range of counselling services.

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Also find: Bason Bridge counselling, Edithmead counselling, Watchfield counselling, Pawlett counselling, Huntspill counselling, Alstone counselling, Berrow counselling, Southwick counselling, East Huntspill counselling, Burnham-on-Sea counselling, East Brent counselling, Woolavington counselling, Northwick counselling, Walrow counselling, Brent Knoll counselling, Stretcholt counselling, West Huntspill counselling, Yarrow counselling, Puriton counselling and more. Most of these towns and villages are serviced by people who do counselling. Highbridge residents can arrange counselling sessions by clicking here.

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