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Counsellors Southwick West Sussex (BN42): Modern life in Southwick can be extremely stressful, as I'm certain you'll all agree. When you consider that you have to deal with hectic working schedules, personal relationships and running a home, it is no great surprise that things can get a bit strained. You can always seek the guidance of a local counselling service, when it all gets a bit too much. Just being able to talk to someone about your feelings can bring a bit of relief.

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Basically, counselling is the process whereby a highly trained professional will offer opinions, viewpoints and guidance in accordance with what the patient has told them. In fact, a counsellor can almost be looked upon as a guide.

Counselling Southwick (BN42)

Life changing situations, say for example the passing of a loved one, mental or physical abuse, a failing relationship, an onset of depression or bearing witness to a frightening event are only some of the numerous reasons why people require the assistance of a skilled counsellor in Southwick, just to be able to discuss and express ones thoughts and feelings with someone not involved in your personal life in a private manner is extremely helpful.

The sort of treatment which is needed and the most effective way to proceed will be identified during the initial consultation with a counsellor in Southwick. This consultation will enable the therapist to both get an understanding of what's stressing you out, and get to know a little about you as an individual. Several sessions will be needed to get to the root of the problem, therefore expect to be making regular weekly appointments to get you on the road to recovery.

Some of the most commonplace mental problems for instance bad habits, depression, anger issues, anxiety and lack of confidence, which trouble a great number of people from all walks of life in Southwick, can also be helped by counselling.

Counsellors Southwick (01273)

Dealing with challenges and problems is difficult on your own, and speaking to a trained counsellor can definitely help. It is not really the brief of a counsellor to give advice as such, but rather to help patients come to their own judgements and come to terms with their problems and life challenges.

Trust between the counsellor and their patient is essential and the confidentiality agreement between the two is strictly adhered to. This development of trust also lets the counsellor's patients to speak about the topics of concern that they will probably find difficult to bring up with family and friends.

An increasingly common problem that counsellors in Southwick are asked to assist with nowadays, is what are typically called panic attacks. Recent surveys have reported that in any one month, between 1% and 2% of the population has 4 or more separate episodes. A further ten percent seek assistance from a doctor or therapist, due to sporadic attacks that are deemed serious enough to warrant attention.

These are sobering statistics, because if you're in a bustling restaurant or shop, you are likely to be a stone's throw from somebody who frequently suffers from panic attacks. Therefore, if you yourself suffer from panic attacks, it's patently clear that you are by no means alone. So, what is the answer to this issue?

Just a handful of the factors that could help you with panic attacks are highlighted below:

  • Find out which foodstuffs are inducing attacks by keeping a food diary.
  • Numerous sufferers say they've gained benefits from doing yoga or learning relaxation techniques, and it does seem to make sense.
  • It's crucial to recognise your own personal triggers for anxiety. A panic attack can even be the result of constantly worrying about having one.
  • Be aware of the quantity of coffee and sugar you are consuming.
  • Food colourings can raise the chances of panic attacks.
  • Tea contains around half as much caffeine as coffee, therefore do not drink huge amounts of tea, thinking this is any better.

It's important to realise the triggers and causes of your attacks, and doing so might give you a bit of control of the thoughts and sensations that precede your attacks. Making use of a counselling service can also give you better self-understanding and self-knowledge, and those are extremely powerful tools with regards to dealing with panic attacks, or moments of heightened awareness.

Counsellor Southwick West Sussex (BN42)

A competent counsellor in Southwick should be able to assist people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds and assist with an extensive spectrum of challenging issues that they might be dealing with.

Counsellor or Psychotherapist?

Whilst searching for counselling for one of the problems we've mentioned, it's very possible that you'll run into people in Southwick who call themselves either councellors or psychotherapists, and you may be wondering precisely what the difference is. Well, generally speaking, the line between these two skills is a bit blurred, but, to put it simply, counsellors will usually deal with the current causes of your issues while a psychotherapist will dig deeper into your past and the plausible reasons why a problem has arisen.

Counselling Enquiries Southwick (01273)

Counselling is of course open to anyone, and whether you live in Southwick itself, or one of the surrounding villages and towns such as Fulking, Storrington, Upper Beeding, Woodmancote, Findon, Lancing, Wiston, Sompting, Portslade, Shoreham-by-Sea, Hove, Coombes, Goring, Ashington, Worthing, Small Dole, Fishergate, Broadwater, you'll still be able to make full use of these vital services. Local Southwick counsellors will most likely have the phone code 01273 and the postcode BN42

Online Counselling

Online Counselling Southwick

For those individuals who can't engage in one-to-one communication with a therapist in Southwick, telephone and online consultations play a vital role in mental health. On account of the problems caused by Covid-19 and subsequent restrictions, remote consultations have become even more vital than before.

It is crucial for both therapist and patient, that any session in Southwick takes place in a secure and safe setting, and remote therapy via telephone or online counselling should also abide by this rule. Online video and audio sessions use an encrypted data link for any consultations. This makes certain that the client and counsellor can have confidence in the fact that their discussions can't be recorded or redirected to another computer system or network. Due to the design of the phone network and the legislation on privacy that applies to mobile and fixed line phone companies, any discussions during telephone counselling are also safe.

There's hardly any difference between online or telephone consultations and a one-on-one consultation; both of them offer an effective treatment procedure which ensures that anybody can express their problems and feelings of stress, depression, anxiety without being judged. (Tags: Telephone Counselling Southwick, Online Counselling Southwick, Online Couples Counselling).

Child Counselling Southwick

Our modern lifestyle is rather fast paced and stressful, when compared to what it used to be just 20 years or so ago. In carrying out their normal day to day activities, children and adolescents in Southwick have to face a whole host of challenges and obstacles. Struggling with their innermost feelings, lots of youngsters experience pressure and stress. Clues that this is happening should be seen in their behaviour in the form of resentment, anger and irritation.

Counselling can be worthwhile in such cases, by dealing with their confusion and helping them to face up to their issues and concerns. By and large, psychotherapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), mindfulness and family therapy are the most common kinds of counselling which are used on youngsters.

Marriage Counselling Southwick

Marriage Counselling Southwick UK

Families are the cornerstone of society as we know it, and society as a whole benefits from having happy and contented families. Marriage counselling can help a married couple in Southwick to build a strong and stable bond. A lot of problems with relationships are because of poor communication.

Marriage counsellors in Southwick can aid in the mollification of their differences and arguments. A sort of psychotherapy that is given to married couples in Southwick, marriage counselling can help to disentangle their marital problems. One short counselling session can often be sufficient to remedy most marital problems, although some more serious issues might call for extensive therapy.

Bereavement Counselling Southwick

Bereavement Counselling Southwick (01273)

Losing someone close can have several different effects on people, some individuals can cope with grief, whilst other people find it hard. One crucial step which can be done to help you get over your grief is to share your feelings with others, rather than shutting them up inside until you feel about to burst.

Generally there are believed to be four stages of bereavement; coming to terms with your loss, feeling the pain and anguish of grief, adjusting to life without your loved one in it, and ultimately, moving on. Recognising these four stages is crucial, as in order for you to make progress, you need to know precisely which phase you are in at any specific time. Although it might seem like a worn out old saying that you've heard all too often in the past - time is the biggest healer. If you really need someone to chat with because you are battling with bereavement, a qualified Southwick bereavement counsellor will certainly be able to help you to live through the difficult moments, and move forward with your life.

Managing Stress

We have become more and more alert to the unfortunate effect that stress has on businesses, individuals and employees, particularly over the past year or so. It is important for employers in Southwick to make certain that they implement appropriate measures for identifying, reducing and controlling stress and the problems that cause it. But how many companies take stress prevention seriously?

With affected individuals under-performing in the workplace by over 30%, and something like one in six workers in Southwick battling with stress, it's hardly surprising that at some point in our lifetime we are likely to develop any one of the many illnesses that can be associated with stress and pressure. The latest statistics indicate that on average thirty days of sick leave yearly are taken by each and every stress sufferer in the UK, and that 12.5 million working days are lost annually to stress alone.

Stress Management Southwick (BN42)

Both at work and on a personal basis, it can often be difficult to determine the causes of stress without specialist help from a counsellor. The explanation why specific symptoms have manifested themselves in staff members, and what has triggered them, might not be immediately obvious to an employer. Problems are quite often linked to work related stress where there can be a number of different reasons why employees feel stressed and under pressure. The most frequently recorded reasons for workplace stress at this moment are role changes, overlong working hours, job insecurity, unachievable deadlines and high workload demands.

The more obvious symptoms of stress to be aware of include panic attacks, anxiety, frequent headaches, mood swings, exhaustion and low confidence or self-esteem. Not being able to get a decent night's sleep is another warning sign that you might have too much stress in your everyday life. You must try to figure out what has been causing these issues, and make a note of any apparent trends that are appearing on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

After you've successfully identified the root causes, you can begin to implement solutions on a gradual basis, but do not attempt to fix all the issues immediately, as this is only going to put you under increased pressure. If the issues can't be solved by you on your own, ensure that you get some expert advice from a nearby Southwick counsellor.

Taking action on reducing stress in the workplace and introducing positive techniques such as stress management coaching or workshops can be vital to promoting the wellbeing factor. By applying these policies, Southwick employers will almost certainly notice changes such as enhanced staff retention, reduced rates of absenteeism, better morale and greater productivity. Overall, employers should invariably save cash in the long term by recognising and dealing with these issues.

As an individual person in Southwick, getting a handle on what causes your stress, is the first thing on the agenda. Stress can be caused by several stressful circumstances spread over a specific period of time, or it can be the result of a once only situation. "The straw that broke the camel's back" is an extremely appropriate expression when people in Southwick describe their experience of stress.

When challenging situations arise in your own daily life, it really is useful to have a "Stress Diary" in which you can record them. This will help you to detect any specific patterns that might emerge and as a consequence, the identification of problems will be easier and you can then begin work on the main issues, individually.

To keep a Stress Diary, simply jot down each and every stressful event over the next couple of weeks in a diary style with a short description of exactly what caused the rise in your stress levels. Then, with 10 being the most stressful, score each specific event on a scale of 1 to 10. You can delve deeper into what may be the biggest cause of the problems, if any clear patterns emerge. Never tackle all your stress issues in one go, divide them up into bite-sized chunks and address them one at a time. If you're finding it difficult, seek out some professional assistance with your problems.

Other aspects that have an impact on your wellbeing and stress include your nutrition and diet. To make certain that your body is receiving the correct balance and that you also have an exercise plan in place, it is always worth evaluating the things that you eat and drink. And remember to take regular breaks from work to enjoy a breath of fresh air during the day because this will help re-focus you til' the end of the day.

Most important of all, you must not let the troubles that you're stressing over develop to a stage where you are no longer able to cope. If recognised early enough, most cases of stress related illness can be averted, thereby resulting in more time feeling fitter and healthier and less days off work.

Necessary Skills to be Counsellors

  • They must be able to understand the reactions of their clients
  • They need outstanding verbal communication skills
  • They must have a sound ethical code and keep the outcome of sessions with their clients confidential
  • They must have a non-judgemental approach
  • They need to have the ability to resolve problems as they arise
  • They need to have good listening skills
  • They need to have good interpersonal skills
  • They need a thorough knowledge of psychology and psychotherapy
  • They should be able to welcome constructive criticism and work effectively under pressure
  • They should have understanding and sensitivity
  • They must be able to use a computer and the chief software programs competently
  • They must have patience and the ability to remain calm in stress filled situations

The Day to Day Tasks for a Counsellor

  • Referring clients for other treatments when appropriate
  • Setting up a contract to confirm what will be covered during the sessions
  • Dealing with major life events such as retirement, separation, divorce, bereavement and family planning
  • Laying out any confidentiality issues and keeping records
  • Asking questions, listening carefully and affirming your understanding
  • Building non-judgemental relationships of trust and respect
  • Helping clients reflect on issues to help them make positive changes
  • Addressing mental health issues such as eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorders and depression
  • Helping clients to view things more clearly or in an alternative way
  • Liaising with others (if necessary) to help make changes happen
  • Having empathy but challenging when necessary

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A Career in Counselling

If you are entertaining the idea of a career in counselling you can get loads of invaluable advice on the National Careers website. You will learn about the daily tasks of a counsellor, the best ways to start a counselling career, the usual working hours for a counsellor, the talents needed to be a good counsellor, the professional associations overseeing counselling, the qualifications required to be a counsellor, the counselling courses which are available right now and the average salary of a counsellor.

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